Published On: Tue, Feb 5th, 2019

Why Best Version Media Receives Such Strong Reviews

Best Version Media is an international publishing company who create micro tag magazines for small communities, businesses and niche markets and beyond being very good at what they do, they are always incredibly well reviewed by both staff and customers. Reviews are a vital part of any business and we live in a world now whereby businesses can quite literally live and die based on what people are saying about working there and doing business there. The importance of reviews is not exclusive to print media and every company can learn from what Best Version Media are doing. This is a company who score extremely high on employee review sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed, and this is why.

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The cornerstone to what Best Version Media have achieved comes down to the culture which they have created within the workforce. Current and ex-employees talk about how working for Best Version Media is one of he most fun experiences that they have had and the work hard, play hard attitude is very much in full swing here. This culture which they have created is not only important for current employees to work to the best of their ability, it is also key in attractive high quality staff, which in turn helps them to deliver such brilliant results for their clients.


Workers within the business should never be considered as numbers or units but rather important and valued members of the team. This is something that Best Version Media do very well and it is another reason why employees love to work there. Employees know that their ideas will be heard and taken into account, they know that there is a clear pathway up the career ladder if they so wish and they know that the management team greatly value their work, thanks to the way in which they celebrate great results.


Something which many businesses lose points for when it comes to reviews on sites like Glassdoor is their approach to personal requirements of their staff. This could be anything from vacation time to time off in lieu and many companies treat their employees who are asking for this kind of time with contempt. Best Version Media however have the balance struck perfectly and they know that in giving their staff flexibility in terms of their own personal time, that those staff will give the respect straight back to the business when the time comes to work extra or on days off.


Very few people enjoy working autonomously and the majority of workers enjoy being part of a successful team which is able to work perfectly with one another. At Best Version Media there is a huge emphasis on the team environment and they understand the benefits of working as one rather than a group of individuals. The result of this is not just a better output of work but also a happier group of individuals who can form bonds and relationships with their team.

Author: James Daniel

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