Published On: Fri, Dec 21st, 2018

Why Attorney Frederick Oberlander Cannot Be Trusted

Frederick Oberlander, a New York attorney, brought a grievance against a real estate investment business in 2010 on behalf of a former worker. The firm was charged with fraud. Oberlander suspected that this firm, which developed numerous projects including one of Donald Trump’s hotels, hid a Russian businessman’s previous criminal history.

Over the last couple of years, Oberlander has involved himself in several high-profile proceedings related to this grievance. Upon close examination of the articles and proceedings, it has been revealed through this article that Oberlander cannot be trusted.

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Court records show that while Oberlander worked as an attorney during the lawsuit, he committed many ethical violations. In addition, he used top-secret information from Felix Sater’s criminal files that were supposed to be sealed according to a federal court due to Sater’s ongoing and extensive assistance with the United States government. Oberlander was in violation of a court order when he released and divulged the sealed information. He’s also been a part of an injunction issued by the court against releasing any more details from the sealed files, which the Second Circuit United States Court of Appeals in Manhattan affirmed.

In 2015, a federal district court judge who oversaw the lawsuit ordered that sanctions be brought against Oberlander and striking most of the allegations related to the complaint. After the sanctions were imposed, the court alleged that Oberlander had continuously resisted past court orders that ordered him to reveal whether information included in the complaint was obtained illegally.

Due to Oberlander’s actions in connection with the lawsuit, he is being criminally investigated by the United States Attorney’s Office in New York’s Northern District.

Additionally, Oberlander has been brought before a grievance committee under the federal bar to determine whether his legal license should be retracted or not.

A 40-page written order was issued in August 2018. The grievance committee accuses Oberlander of engaging in illegal conduct that violates a number of ethical rules and is damaging to the administration of justice. The committee found evidence of his illegal conduct in the infringement of court orders, the disclosure of sealed documents, and legal threats that were made to disclose the sealed documents unless the defendants were willing to agree to a monetary settlement. Because of his unethical and illegal conduct, the grievance committee recommended that Oberlander be suspended from practicing law for a year.

Oberlander’s flawed character traits are further exposed through action that was taken by other firms. Richard Lerner, a friend of Oberlander’s as well as an attorney, represented him in court cases related to his disclosure of the sealed documents. Lerner had been a partner with Wilson Elsner, a highly-respected law firm. This firm had no intention of being associated with Oberlander. With the court’s approval, Wilson Elsner withdrew from representing Oberlander and fired Lerner upon his refusal to stop representing him. The fact that Wilson Elsner, a respectable law firm, was not willing to represent Oberlander says a lot about Oberlander’s deceitful character.

Oberlander’s conduct is a clear indication of how unethical and dishonest he is. After his one-year suspension is lifted, he will likely practice law again and continue to engage in further unethical and illegal activities. No court of law should ever trust Frederick Oberlander.

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