Published On: Fri, Aug 24th, 2018

Why are fireplaces tremendously popular worldwide?

You are not the only person who considers an amazing idea to install a fireplace in their house. Fireplaces are popular home additions worldwide, because they bring a certain atmosphere to a house. You as the homeowner of the house will have numerous advantages. The present market offers people a wide-array of options from which to choose, there are gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces and many other models. They are considered beautiful and convenient additions to a house. However, you do not install a fireplace in your house daily, it is the type of addition that has to be analysed. You should do great research, before deciding upon the model, you want to have in your living room.

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Why do people love fireplaces?

They are safe

Nowadays on the market, you can find only models that can be used in safety conditions. It is your role to maintain them properly. It is stated that the gas and electric models are considered safer than wood ones but if you care for them, these ones will also be safe. The models that work on gas and electricity do not require great maintenance, because their manufacturers have to respect numerous safety regulations when they design them. The fireplace is not only a beautiful addition to a home, but it also offers an affordable and efficient heating solution.

They are not difficult to install

It does not matter the design of the house, there is definitely a model of fireplace you can install there. And the majority of fireplaces are easy to install, especially if we are talking about the electric and vent-free gas ones. These models do not require a home remodel, because they can be installed anywhere you want. But if you want to install a wood fireplace, then you will have to prepare the space.

A fireplace is an affordable heating option

As stated before fireplaces use different types of fuels, but all of them come at affordable prices. The persons, who want to save money when it comes to energy, prefer the electric models. However, if you are living in an area abundant in forests, then you will be able to buy wood at low prices, and a wood fireplace would help you save money. The persons, who want to install a fireplace in an apartment, prefer the electric models, because they do not have to create a chimney. But if you live in a house then the wood one will create a great atmosphere.

They make a house look more like home

From the moment when you will install the fireplace, you will notice that the look of the house will change. All the homeowners who have installed fireplaces totally love them, because they improved the design of the rooms in which they were installed. People feel more comfortable in a house that has a fireplace, because the fire generates a natural warmth people love. If you will sit in front of your fireplace during the winter months, you will feel more relaxed. And a fireplace will also increase the value of your house in case you want to sell it in the future.

Before installing the fireplace, make sure you have answers to these questions

Do you prefer a certain style of fireplace?

Some people are nervous, and they do not know if installing a fireplace in their house is a good decision. This happens when the house is already built, and the furniture is already installed. They have the misconception that the fireplace will change the style of the room. You should not worry, because there are numerous fireplace models, and even the pickiest person can find a model that meets their preferences. It is important to know what style you have used when you have decorated your house, and to filter the fireplace models according to it.

The majority of homeowners prefer contemporary fireplaces. But if you have designed your house in a more traditional way, then there are plenty of traditional models on the market from which you can choose.

Do you have specific heating efficiency requirements?

Everyone knows that a fireplace can reduce the heating costs of a house, but the majority of owners do not know exactly how much they will be able to save. The fireplace will allow you to heat your rooms, especially if you use a gas one. Studies show that depending on the model of the fireplace, the owners of a house can have energy bills lower by around 30%.

Do you want an unvented or vented gas fireplace?

In case you want to use a gas fireplace, then you should know that there are two different types on the market. Every one of them requires specific fireplace service so, this is one of the aspects you should consider when making the decision. The direct vent fireplaces come with a sealed combustion system and it is quite useful because it protects the quality of the air from the room where it is installed. The unvented fireplaces do not have a venting system, and they draw the indoor air and oxygen for the fire. Check if the regulations from your area specify if you should use a certain type of fireplace because there are regions where the unvented fireplaces are not legal.

Do you have a budget?

Of course that you have a budget, only if you are a billionaire you do not pay attention to money. But if you are a regular person, then you have a budget for every home addition you make. There is a fireplace for every budget; the key is to search and to make the best decision. There are available basic units that are both functional and economical. But you can also find luxurious models that come with features you may not even have heard about. Do not forget that the fireplace will help you save money with your energy bills. It is worth to pay more than you have initially planned, if you know for sure that you can save later with your energy bills.

Author: Cynthia Madison

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