Published On: Wed, Oct 2nd, 2019

Why and When Should You Hire a Torrent Defense Lawyer?

As you may know, the digital world comes with many benefits and wonders that we literally take advantage of every single day. We don’t usually realize this, but the online world is part of our lives more than the real world itself – in most cases.

However, what is good must have its bad sides as well. In this respect, we mention copyright and the possibility of being accused of illegally downloading files over the Internet – thus breaking the copyright law.

Fortunately, this new digital world has also brought us what we now know as torrent defense lawyers. These are the people who are trained to help us escape lawsuits connected to the online world, and escape possible serious/severe outcomes.

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Why Hire a Torrent Defense Lawyer?

A torrent defense lawyer is someone who knows copyright and torrenting better than you do – even if you’ve spent your entire life around these two terms. They know the legal implications of any action related to online or copyright and are ready to defend anyone – even those who had no idea that they were breaking the copyright laws.

Here’s exactly why you should hire a torrent defense lawyer:

  • Experience and Knowledge

As mentioned above, they know more than you know. Given that we talk about the digital world and online environment, this is a big thing to know! 

Torrent defense lawyers come with the knowledge required by all the laws that will probably be involved in your case. On top of that, they will know what to do when the accusation tries to prove that you are guilty.

On the other hand, experience in a torrent defense lawyer means that they have dealt with many such cases, mostly in court hearings. An experienced lawyer is able to fight for you, multiple times throughout a case.

  • Peace of Mind

As with any other type of lawsuits of scenarios that should make you hire a lawyer, the same applies to copyright lawsuits. Everything before and during a trial – in some cases, even after a trial – will take its toll on you.

You will most likely have trouble sleeping during the night and stressing yourself out over the result of this lawsuit.

If you have an attorney by your side, they will assure you that the problem is being taken care of, as well as how it is dealt with. No matter whether you are winning or not, they will tell you what you need to hear so that you can sleep better and avoid getting stressed.

  • Increased Chances of Winning 

Naturally, you could try and defend yourself in the court of law. But we all know that you have to be truly desperate in order to do something like that. A lawyer comes with increased winning chances for you, making it the optimal addition to your lawsuit.

After all, you don’t want to complicate things by playing the lawyer and the accused as well – this will only affect you more.

When to Hire a Torrent Defense Lawyer?

As a rule of thumb, you should rush to a torrent defense lawyer and hire them as soon as you receive a subpoena notice from your ISP.

When you receive the subpoena notice, you are still an anonymous person and have quite some time left before your ISP makes that information public. You can use this time to settle with the entity accusing you and solve everything without a trial and without tarnishing your reputation.

The Bottom Line

Basically, you don’t have to waste any time if you have been accused of breaking the copyright law. You have to act as fast as possible and hire a torrent defense lawyer. Even though you may have been mistakenly accused, it is better to be prepared for everything than lose it all.

It is advised that you try to solve such issues before your name is made public. Once your John Doe status expires, legal and lawsuit sites will index your name as being involved as a defendant in your lawsuit.

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