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Why addiction in teens is a growing concern

Teenagers have to deal with many issues and concerns in the present day, and it is easy to see why so many parents and guardians have concerns about what their children are facing. However, of all the issues that teenagers have to contend with, drug addiction in teens is a growing concern, and it is one that needs to be dealt with in an appropriate and effective manner. Substance abuse can have a hugely traumatic impact on teenagers, and their loved ones, which is why there is a need to tackle this problem effectively.

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It is important to be aware that when it comes to drug issues, the issue isn’t just about illegal drugs. It is easy for many parents to dismiss concerns that their child may engage with drugs like heroin, cocaine or marijuana but in the present day, prescription drug addiction can be just as harmful to an individual and their loved ones. This is why it is important that parents, teachers and all guardians are aware of the full range of drug issues that people have to deal with in the modern era.

There is a wide range of risk factors associated with drug addiction in teens, and this means that teenagers from all backgrounds and occupations can be at risk of becoming addicted to drugs. Some of the most commonly cited risk factors include:

  • Stressful or traumatic early life experience
  • Genetic vulnerability
  • A lack of parental monitoring or supervision
  • Peer-pressure and exposure to drug use

The last factor is very important and it, for many people, raises the question about whether culture and a person’s environment can influence a person’s behavior. This means that a child who had grown up in a loving and supporting home, with no use of drugs to be found in the family, can still be exposed to drug use and be influenced by people they look up to.

There are many ways a teenager can be exposed to drugs

Exposure to drug abuse may occur in their environment with fellow students or people in their local area using drugs. Whether these people directly offer drugs to a teenager or their usage makes a teenager consider drugs in a more positive and relatable sense will depend on individual circumstances but there is no denying that a teenager’s environment can make them more likely to use drugs.

There is also the fact that drug use by certain celebrities or in modern celebrity culture can be influential for a teenager. This ties in with the fact that it isn’t only illegal drugs that cause concern; there is a wide range of prescription drugs seen on TV or used by famous people that can appear welcoming or enticing to a teenager.

Teenagers deal with many stressful situations

Teenagers have to deal with many difficult situations, with school-work, work, exams, peer pressure, dealing with their changing bodies and emotions, sporting activities and meeting the expectations of their parents or their educational body. There will be times when teenagers see celebrities, politicians and people in the public eye dealing with their problems through the use of a wide range of drugs, illegal or prescription, and this may lead some teenagers to believe that this is also a suitable solution to their problems.

Families should be on the lookout for a change in behavior in their teen or look for the telltale signs that a person may be using drugs. While the family should look to be available to talk about the problems that a teenager faces, there is an understanding that many youngsters would prefer to avoid opening up to their loved ones with a problem.

In this regard, it may be best to turn to a professional organization that has experience in dealing with teenage drug addictions. Given the huge array of reasons why a teenager may become addicted to drugs, there is a need to approach the issue in a manner that is tailored to the needs and situation of a teenager. There is no “one size fits all” approach that understands why someone is dealing with a drugs issue or provides a solution to help someone move into a healthier and more productive state of mind and behavior.

An example of how an organization can provide a tailored approach to teenage drug addiction can be found on Newport Academy’s twitter. This organization has a series of healing centers which assist families in helping teens cope with their problems, providing a platform for development and progress.

With prescription drug addiction being just as concerning as illegal drug addiction, there is no denying that drug dependence in teens is a growing concern.

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