Published On: Thu, Oct 26th, 2017

Whoopi Goldberg shows her ignorance about automatic weapons…more than once

Good evening, Gramps here,

I can honestly say that I’ve never watched a complete episode of The View, you know that daytime talk show with Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, et al. However, I’ve seen enough segment clips to know good and well that this group of panelists have little clue about most important topics. In addition, I think it’s fair to say the audience is generally in the same mindset, based on what they applaud to.

That being said, I came across this older clip (about 2 years old) of Senator Rand Paul and his wife, Kelly on the show and this 4-minute clip was about gun control- LISTEN HERE

Paul educates the group with the role of the President and the role of Congress, something Joy Behar could’nt seem to grasp as she stares at him with tongue sticking out.

Perhaps the most ridiculous portion in when Whoopi Goldberg asks the following foolish question–“I don’t understand why anyone objects to getting rid of automatic weapons?” She then goes on to explain that a lot of the things that have happened, happened with automatic weapons. Of course, The View audience claps with unbridled enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, Whoopi again shows her lack of knowledge on the topic at hand. If she did any research, she would have found that automatic weapons have for all intents and purposes been banned since 1934 and completely banned in 1986 with the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act, where it states-“Makes it unlawful, with certain exceptions, for any individual to transfer or possess a machinegun”.

Plain and simple, in black and white, right? Rand Paul did a good job of explaining this and much more later in the clip; however, Whoopi still didn’t quite grasp the information and again at the end of the clip says-“I’m sorry man, theres’ no reason anyone needs to have an automatic weapon”, again to audience applause, which is perhaps the scariest thing.

Ugh!   Just can’t seem to get through no matter how much you dumb it down.

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