Published On: Sun, May 6th, 2018

Who is New Girl Peyton Pritchard on Southern Charm?

This week on Southern Charm Austin Kroll co-hosted a Halloween party with the new girl in Charleston, Peyton Pritchard. Not all of the women warmed up to Peyton, especially Naomi Olindo who threw some shade at the newbie calling her “thirsty, thirsty, thirsty.” So is Peyton thirsty or is Naomi just jealous that her ex-beau, Craig Conover seems interested in the California girl?

If you are just a fan of Southern Charm and don’t know the whole story behind Peyton, and how she came to Charleston, it does look like Naomi may be way out of line and a bit of a mean girl here. However, knowing the whole story, I have to say Noami is on to something here.

“RelationShep” aired from December 2017 to January 2018 on Bravo

What everyone in the cast is trying to awkwardly skirt around is just how Peyton started “dating” Shep Rose in the first place. Just a few months ago, Shep was in his own spinoff called “RelationShep” which was a poor southern version of “The Bachelor.”

Shep traveled the country while his “friends” set him up with different women in each state and he chose the ones he found most compatible to go back with him to Charleston and compete for a more serious pairing with the proud bachelor. Peyton was one of the quasi-contestants vying for Shep’s heart.

In one of the first episodes of “RelationShep” back in Charleston, there was a group beach date with all of our favorite guys from Southern Charm and the ladies of “Relationship.” Peyton got cozy with Austin and Craig on the beach but by the end of the night went on a drunken tirade to Shep about his choice of women (aside from her of course). Her arrogant, “I don’t know if I can be with someone who would chose those girls to be here when you could have me” attitude was less than flattering. Of course the next day a much more sober, Peyton apologized half-heartedly and Shep was all too willing to forgive and forget.

Peyton made it to the end of “RelationShep” but Shep went a different direction, ultimately choosing New Yorker, Bella. That didn’t make the California dog groomer run back to her life on the west coast. Instead she packed her bags and moved to Charleston permanently.

So why pack up and move to Charleston?

Well first let’s understand that her passion for dog grooming came from working with Vanderpump Dogs, which may seem a bit familiar since it’s the dog rescue started by BravoTV superstar Lisa Vanderpump, star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and spinoff “Vanderpump Rules.” Two shows in which she was never featured on.

It’s not like pet grooming is a booming industry in South Carolina and a dying one in California. She wasn’t moving across the country for love because Shep had already chosen someone else.

Peyton Pritchard during the Halloween party co-hosted by Austin Kroll dressed as a unicorn.

What it did was ensure that she had a chance to get back on TV, possibly because she wasn’t making it on screen with Vanderpump. When she was on “RelationShep” she had met Cameron Eubanks so she had a connection with another woman in town but still chose to only pal around with Shep, Austin and Craig. If she wanted to meet a group of girlfriends in Charleston it would have been much easier, and more appropriate, to contact Cameron but she chose Austin.

This is a woman who found her “passion” for dogs while working for a reality show star’s pet rescue, chose to be on a poorly executed dating show and then moved across to be near the man who chose someone else, only to decide to cozy up to the rest of the men.

I don’t buy her innocent unicorn in headlights when the women in the group questioned her motives. Naomi may have been calling her out because one of the men happened to be her ex-love of the last 3 years but it’s not like she was wrong. Peyton is thirsty, downright dehydrated, and while the producers may be dancing around how she actually made her way to Charleston, anyone who knows the truth should question everything the blonde bombshell does. I’m not saying she only cares about her 15 minutes but it sure looks that way to anyone paying attention.

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