Published On: Fri, Jan 3rd, 2014

Who is John Peale? Part Five: Connecting the dots, stopping the fraud

Connecting the Dots…

1. Fraud government regulations close small business.

Snow in the Philippines? No, it was faked Image/Video Screen Shot

Snow in the Philippines? No, it was faked Image/Video Screen Shot

2. Big Biz must use subsidies (your tax dollars) to force you to buy new overly expensive products that do not work and often cause more harm than good.

3. Because these businesses fail, the government steps in with your tax dollars, bails out the business and takes over nationalizing that sector of commerce

4. Big business then repays the legislators with huge donations so they will stay in business.

5. Legislators bet in the market on your industry failing and their new favored industry succeeding. Check to see how much money your legislator made this year.

6. The middle class, You, lose your business, job, house, retirement while you are being told you bought houses that you could not afford. Yes, you could afford that house when you bought it because you were employed. EPA, IPCC, Government agencies continual fraud put you out of business.

7. With you gone, more profit for the corporation enabling the government to scream “income inequality.” Of course, your layer of income just went to the corporation profit column. With the middle class gone, the CEO gets this money. The day the IRS changed designations and made many sales companies into ne W2 employees eliminating “Independent contractors” the hand writing was on the wall.

8. The middle class is the mid level citizen who had pride in ownership, morality, loved their family, community and was extremely charitable.

9. With the middle class focused survival, their energy is fractured and more regulations no one notice the excessive government control.

10. In all your tax dollars have allowed the Fraud to filter into every industry in America, in the world. It has allowed the elimination of the middleclass while screaming they want to help the middle class.

What can you do? … STOP FUNDING FRAUD

Share this article with every American in The United States. Call radio, media, TV, newspapers, local, national constantly, email constantly. Comment on political and climate blogs. Rally, donate but regardless of what you do, do something. Stop Political Correctness. Stop being the silent majority. Talk about politics and religion. VET NEW CANDIDATES, RUN FOR OFFICE, PREPARE.

No matter what your issue, your life will be affected by these lies. Freedom is not free. You asked what you can do, this is it. Your Federal and State government LIES and commits FRAUD.


Sign the petition. http://chn.ge/1cC9iZD

Support Documents can be found on agenda21today.com

For now, please contact us at [email protected]

I will not comply, will you?

In Liberty,

Karen Schoen, Neil Rice and the AgEnders

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- Karen Schoen is a former teacher, now political activist speaking out on the facts about Common Core, Agenda 21 (agenda21today.com) and many other topics featured on Save America Foundation, Americaismyname.org and others.

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