Published On: Tue, Oct 25th, 2016

Who Are the Lemurians of Mt. Shasta?

While there are cultures that have myths based on archaeological findings or oral traditions passed down through the centuries, sometimes we come up against a myth that simply surfaced in relatively modern times yet has gained such a loyal group of believers that there must be something there to cause such loyalty. The Lemurians of Mt. Shasta is one bit of folklore that is neither based in Native American folklore of the Mountain nor any archeological evidence but rather grew up from a random comment in the late 1800’s and has now gathered a global cult of believers.

A Little Bit of Shasta History

When settlers first worked their way out West, natives were inhabiting the area and it was this group of people who spoke of the Skell, a spirit chief who came down from above to reside on the summit of Mt. Shasta, California. It was here that the natives said he made his earthly abode and gave his earthly life over to fighting the spirit of below. It’s an archetypal conflict between good and bad as seen in so many cultures and one which would probably be of interest to anyone studying for an online masters in philosophy. Studying online is perhaps one of the most efficient ways to achieve a graduate degree in this discipline because it allows ample time to pursue myths that seem to have sprung up from literally nowhere.

Sunset from Seabourn Spirit, Mykonos, Greece. 2007 photo/ Tim via wikimedia commons

Sunset from Seabourn Spirit, Mykonos, Greece. 2007 photo/ Tim via wikimedia commons

Enter the Lemurians

It is understandable how the natives envisioned a sky god representing good and an earthly chief representing evil because most, if not all, cultures from around the globe have some sort of being who represents good (Skell) and one who represents all that is dark and evil. But how did an entire civilization get down into the depths of the mountain unbeknownst to anyone? There they dwell in a series of tunnels to this day without ever coming out to be seen or heard by any verifiable source.

Where Lemurians Are Said to Have Originated

It’s difficult to try to dissect this legend because those who believe are sincerely believers and any bit of investigation suggests disbelief in their very strong insistence that there are indeed Lemurians in the mountain. The concept of Lemuria is based on a lost civilization similar to that of Atlantis but in the case of the Lemurians, their continent, their civilization was simply absorbed into the mountain. Those who have studied for an online masters in philosophy have undoubtedly read up on Lemuria and are well familiar with the legend in a larger perspective. Even so, it is interesting how one remark in passing grew up an entire culture dedicated to preserving the legend.

When Frederick Spencer Oliver offhandedly mentioned Lemuria in his 1889-90 work entitled A Dweller on Two Planets it is inconceivable that he could foresee such a huge and devoted movement springing up in the course of a century that has become a sub-culture in the region. Along with the vortex of power that Mt Shasta is said to contain, the mountain is held to be holy. To this day there is an annual festival on the Mountain and watchers still await a sighting. It’s an interesting myth and one that truly bears scrutiny. With so many worldwide believers, there must be a Lemurian in there somewhere!

Author: Joao Pedro

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