Published On: Mon, Mar 18th, 2019

White global warming apologist Dana Nuccitelli says ‘Climate denial’ is ‘old, white, conservative, American men’

“Climate denial caters to a small and dwindling population of old, white, conservative, American men,” concludes Dana Nuccitelli, in his latest propaganda piece touting the global warming hysterics in a post titled: “A generation gap, when it comes to climate change?”

photo/ Pete Linforth

While promoting stats and polls, the environmental scientist argues that “conservative white males who express the highest confidence in their opinions about climate science and risks are the most wrong, and in the most severe denial” citing the “white male effect,” while crediting Greenpeace leftist Connor Gibson (another white guy) on how these deniers are “mostly angry, aged white men in suits, lying to themselves about climate change for two days straight in sterile air conditioning, safe from the evils of sun and breeze.”

Let’s keep this straight: two white guys from California (Gibson lives there after his schooling in Bernie Sanders’ stomping ground of Vermont) are complaining about other white guys NOT agreeing with them.

Polls and surveys do point to minorities and women believing the climate change hysterics more than those suffering from that “white male effect,” postulated as “White hierarchical individualistic males were motivated to resist claims of environmental and certain other risks, we conjectured, because the wide-spread acceptance of those claims would justify restrictions on markets, commerce, and industry—activities important (emotionally and psychically, as well as materially) to the status of white men with those outlooks.”

The link points to work by Yale professor Dan Kahan, another white guy (who is a bit older than the other two gentlemen.)

Nuccitelli echoes all of the social justice tropes about those innocent minorities without mentioning China or India once. He particularly ignores recent data on Generation Z (which points to more conservative beliefs than their Millennial parents/family): “Some have written that climate change is the new gay marriage,an issue on which the Republican Party leadership has taken a stand on the wrong side of history—potentially alienating many voters, particularly among younger generations.”

Like most global warming alarmists, these white leftists pretend that the science is settled, some 40 years after the global cooling phase: NOTE In 1978, Leonard Nimoy‘s iconic documentary “In Search of – The Coming Ice Age” aired on TVs across the world, particularly popular in Australia. Check out the clip below.

That ignorance may become known as the White Leftist Man Effect.

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