Published On: Mon, May 29th, 2017

Where to go for a great kayak fishing experience

Kayak fishing has a lot of supporters and people want to know what are the best locations for kayak fishing. There are a lot of great locations for kayak fishing and it’s not an easy job trying to find the very best. However, there are some locations that just want you to dump your savings into the best equipment and get the best fishing kayak for the money. So if you’re looking to find out some great places which you should definitely visit if you love kayak fishing, keep on reading this article and see what the best spots are.

Devils River –Texas

This isn’t an easy location to navigate and it’s definitely for the veterans of the trade. Novices attempting to take on Devils River are looking at a grand challenge in front of them. However, if you manage to pull through you will be rewarded with what it probably one of the most amazing kayak fishing experiences of your life. The views and the pristine condition in which this location has been preserved in make the entire trip an unforgettable one.

Indian River Lagoon

For those with a soft spot for salt water kayaking, the Indian River Lagoon is definitely one of the top places to visit. Not only does this location offers you a rich variety of fish to catch but also puts numerous campsite locations in your path so that you can benefit from great accommodations. All in all this has to be one of the best places on the east coast of Florida when it comes to kayak fishing.

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Kona Coast – Hawaii

From Florida we go down to Hawaii in a place called The Land of the Giants. Here, kayak fishing is a completely different adventure. If you’re intent in catching some of the fish the area offers, make sure you also come prepared to deal with the tiger sharks that patrol the area relentlessly. This is definitely a place where experience can put you at ease and make you enjoy the trip that much more.

Deer Creek Conservation Area – Maryland

There’s little to no hope in finding a place that can accommodate a paddler aching for some peace and quiet. There are no motorboats allowed here so you’ll have your fair share of silence as you carry on with a great day out kayak fishing. There are numerous species in the area and you can have your pick at any of the area’s catches.

These are some of the most interesting and fulfilling areas where you can go kayak fishing. Each has its own personal touch and it’s easy to distinguish the experiences from one another. That being said there are common elements that bring them together such as the fact that all these locations offer a great opportunity at relaxation and adventure.

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  1. Devils River Conservancy says:

    The Devils River is a precious and delicate resource; it cannot sustain very much human pressure. If you visit be prepared for its remoteness, be educated about its delicate ecosystem and be aware that it is threatened. Most importantly, be considerate of the river and the stewards along its banks because without them it would not be the wild and pristine place it is today. To learn more about the Devils, its threats and how you can help please visit the Devils River Conservancy at http://www.devilsriverconservancy.org/

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