Published On: Mon, Dec 16th, 2019

Where Can I Find the Cheapest Hotel Deals? Booking Accommodations with Reservations.com

When you’re going on a cost-conscious trip, you need the absolute best rates for your hotel accommodations. The following article discusses finding low-cost vacation rentals and hotel rooms on Reservations.com.

I’ll admit – not every trip I take is a no-holds-barred, spend like a drunken sailor, luxury extravaganza. (To be fair, I don’t think that could describe any trip I’ve ever taken.)  Most of the time I have to find the cheapest possible hotel room near whichever business conference or convention I’m attending, because I won’t even have the budget to rent a car, and – is it just me, or are Ubers not as cheap as they used to be?

Notice I said “hotel room” and not “Airbnb.” Airbnb rentals aren’t necessarily a cost-saving alternative if you have to rent a car or rideshare a significant distance to your destination. When I go on a business related trip, I almost always stick to hotels. Or motels, if I’m truly desperate.

Hotel Alba photo/ robinreissphotography

Of course, you have to be relentless if you want a good deal for a hotel room, and not every cost-cutting measure will necessarily be applicable for your trip. If you’re traveling for a conference or some other business-related activity, for example, you might not have the luxury of planning a trip that doesn’t involve a weekend stay or some other non-peak time budget advantage. Reservations.com offers price-conscious travelers an excellent resource for booking the lowest cost hotel accommodations available online. Moreover, if you want to comparison-shop other booking sites, the Reservations.com interface allows you to click on the other major travel sites like Priceline and Trivago to see what, if anything, else is available.

How do I sign up with Reservations.com?

You don’t have to go through any invasive membership initiation to take advantage of Reservations.com hotel deals – all you have to do is enter your travel information into Reservations.com and book your hotel. Once you make your first booking, you become eligible for RCLUB membership, a program that gives you access to additional discounts and services. Some of the benefits of RCLUB membership include:

  • 24-hour customer care
  • Travel Advisor services
  • Member discounts of up to 60 percent
  • Group travel planning assistance

And much more.

Reservations.com offers exceptional deals on group accommodations, too. If you’re planning a trip for a large group of people – for a family reunion, school trip, or business conference – Reservations.com can take the burden of coordinating the booking off of your shoulders. Book hotel rooms, rent a venue, arrange for transportation using the Reservations.com tool!

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your hotel room to ensure a positive travel experience. Reservations.com can connect you with jaw-dropping hotel deals right in the heart of your destination!

I’m a semi-professional traveler and travel blogger. My favorite pastimes are exploring new and exotic destinations and discovering that the hotel breakfast buffet has a waffle bar.

Author: James Daniel

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