Published On: Thu, Feb 2nd, 2023

When Should You Order Valentine’s Day Flowers?

It’s common practice to order flowers on Valentine’s Day for the person or people you love the most. There are many different flowers to choose from, and many different ways to send them. But when should you be shopping around and placing your order?

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The Short Answer: As Early as Possible

You should generally order Valentine’s Day flowers as early as possible. Most florists and flower delivery services are happy to take orders weeks, and sometimes months in advance. If you’re trying to get your flowers delivered on Valentine’s Day, you can place the order in January, or even February. Just make sure you specify the date that your flowers should be delivered.

There are a few main reasons why you should order as early as possible:

  •       Supplies are always limited. There’s a limited supply of flowers available from your favorite shop. As far as we know, there’s never been a time when the world has truly run out of flowers, but if you want your pick of flowers and arrangements, it’s important to get active and place your order before those supplies begin to dwindle.
  •       Demand increases as Valentine’s Day approaches. Adding to this, demand tends to increase as Valentine’s Day approaches. Most people are procrastinators, or at the very least, they don’t think about Valentine’s Day until the second week of February. As the day gets closer, the number of orders the florist must process increases. This works against you in several ways. Supplies begin to diminish, because more people are ordering. Prices tend to increase, in response to demand. And during peak times, it may be hard for you to even get through the crowd and talked to the florist directly.
  •       Prices vary. Prices for flowers fluctuate based on a number of factors, including supply and demand. If you place your order early, you’ll probably secure lower pricing than your procrastinating counterparts.
  •       Completing the task early gives you peace of mind. Finally, remember that completing this task early gives you peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about placing the order on Valentine’s Day, and you won’t have to worry about the florist running out of the flower you want the most. You can take care of this task, cross it off the list, and rest assured that your loved one is going to get a pleasant surprise on this loved romantic holiday.

Appropriate Timing

Aside from that, what is considered appropriate timing for ordering Valentine’s Day flowers?

There’s nothing wrong with ordering flowers on Valentine’s Day itself, though you’ll need to be prepared to pay more and there’s a possibility you won’t be able to get what you want. Most people place these orders a day or two before Valentine’s Day, so the florist has plenty of time to process the order and deliver reliably.

If you want to be ahead of the crowd, place the order a week in advance. This is usually plenty of time to avoid the major rushes and secure relatively low pricing. It’s possible to place your order more than a week in advance, but it’s usually not necessary.

What If You Buy Last Minute?

So let’s say you weren’t able to follow the advice in this guide, for one reason or another. Valentine’s Day is upon us and you still want to get flowers. How do you handle this?

  •       Be prepared to pay more. Some florists will charge more money as a rush fee or as an increased price in response to demand. If you’re willing to pay a bit extra, you can probably get what you want delivered on Valentine’s Day. If you balk at the higher prices, understand that your options may be limited.
  •       Call around. The first florist or delivery service you contact might be overwhelmed with orders, or they may not have inventory of the flowers you want. If that’s the case, consider calling around. There are probably many local flower shops operating near you, and there are even more online flower delivery services worth pursuing. Where there’s a will, there’s a way; and if you keep calling around, you’ll eventually find someone to deliver what you need.
  •       Be open to alternative options. You don’t have to send a dozen red roses on Valentine’s Day just because that happens to be the most popular traditional bouquet. In fact, your flowers can carry even more significance if you carefully choose unique flowers to send to your loved one. If your florist doesn’t have stock of your first preference, remain open to alternative options.

If you want to get the lowest pricing, a guarantee of the flowers you want, and an overall better experience, order your Valentine’s Day flowers as early as you can. And if you’re stuck buying last minute, be prepared to adjust your strategy.

Author: Anna Johansson

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