Published On: Thu, Aug 23rd, 2018

When And Why To Contact Car Accident Lawyer As soon As Possible?

Each year more than 6 million car crashes are reported with over 40,000 fatalities associated with those accidents, which are on the rise. Majority of these deaths can be avoided following basic safety procedures like avoid texting or answering mobile phones or wearing seat belts, or not driving while drunk.

Causes of accidents

Accidents can still occur due to many other causes. It includes –

  • Ignoring speed limits, reckless driving [e.g. changing lanes very quickly]
  • Ice, snow or rain water can make slick surfaces causing vehicles to lose control
  • Running red lights and stop signs
  • Careless teenage drivers, night driving, drowsy driving
  • Automobile design defects
  • Wrong way driving, especially on one-way street
  • Improper turns, tailgating, deadly curve
  • Road rage
  • Potholes, fog
  • Tire blow outs, animal crossing
  • Street racing and more

First priority is to seek medical treatment

Obviously, no one plans to get involved in car crashes, so when it occurs people are so much in shock that they are unsure about the next step to take. Whom to call first? Lawyer, authorities, or seek medical treatment. If you are injured then call an ambulance to seek care for your injuries and then call the authorities. Even if injuries are not visible it is wise to get yourself checked for concussion.

If you are able to take pictures of the accident then do it because in case of disputes this photos can help. Exchange contact details with other parties involved along with witnesses, if any. Never engage in arguments or discussion with involved parties about why the accident occurred or take blame for the crash.

Situations to contact lawyer after car accident

According to car accident lawyer Jon Groth, speak to an experienced personal lawyer as soon as possible in any of these scenarios.

  • Crash caused significant injury ranging from fractures to paralysis to fatality
  • Crash involved pedestrians, motorists or cyclists
  • It is not clear who is at fault
  • Accident occurred in school zone, construction zone or some other protected zone
  • Accident report does not exactly describe what occurred
  • Some worries about lack of insurance, liability limits, and insurance status
  • Your insurance provider brings up an issue you were unaware about, sends mixed messages, or wants to partner you with their lawyer

Small crashes like fender-bender will not need attorney assistance. Such matters can be settled directly with insurance provider. If the given situations reflect your situation then there will not need to take assistance from a lawyer.

  • Everyone with you in the car did not get injured seriously or did not need to seek medical help.
  • Your car was not damaged at all or can be repaired with insurance coverage.
  • Everyone in the car with you did not miss work or have to change their lifestyle significantly, due to the accident

photo/Claim Accident Services

How soon to contact a car accident lawyer?

It is recommended to contact as soon as you can but why? Actually, if the involved party is at-fault then they will instantly call their insurance provider, who will make an attempt to call and discuss the happenings. Never give statement to insurance provider prior talking to your attorney.

Insurance provider is not worried about your health or your unpaid leave from work sue to injuries. They are apprehensive about making you accept low settlement offer and sign waiver to remove legal liability issues. They will even dishearten you about hiring a personal injury lawyer because their settlement for low prices becomes very hard.

Experienced car accident attorneys are well knowledgeable about their tactics and can handle the insurance provider on your behalf. You don’t need to get troubled about committing to an unsatisfied settlement figure or say something wrong.

There is a statute of limitations regarding personal injury claims, which defines that after a specific time period you will not be able to file injury compensation claim. In majority of states, this limitation is for 2 years from date of accident. Time period looks ample but it passes very quickly, especially if you are recovering from grave injuries. Therefore the sooner you call a lawyer the faster he will start the claim filing process.

As soon as you contact a car crash attorney, provide all the information regarding the accident like what happened, other parties contact details, medical documentation, and police report. Your lawyer will study your case and decide if personal injury claim is worthy or not. If yes, then negotiation process will be started with insurance company. In case negotiation fails or there is not agreement then the case will need to go through trial.

Benefits of hiring car accident lawyer

  • Insurance companies are always at denial for deserved compensation and force you to get settled fast for as less money as possible but involving an attorney the task of making case go away through low settlement becomes difficult.
  • You can concentrate on your health recovery, as soon as you call an attorney [right after crash]
  • Negligence and fault are hard to prove but a lawyer knows the law nuances and its application in your case, which helps to navigate such complex aspects with confidence.
  • The attorney helps to estimate potential damages to claim from insurance provider including current & future medical expenses, emotional pain & suffering, loss of wages, and loss of income earning potential in future.

Insurance provider has best lawyers, which does not mean you can represent yourself and be at a disadvantage. Have a reputable car accident lawyer work for you and get settlement you deserve.

Author: Aalia Ray

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