Published On: Wed, Jul 30th, 2014

What’s All The Rave About Doomsday Anyway?

A report in United We Serve states that a prepping professional survey reveals that not many people are all prepped up for disasters as they ought to be. Forty percent of the participants in the survey admitted they lack plans in their household, 80 percent failed to take part in home evacuation drills, and almost 60 percent are unaware of the evacuation instructions their community may have.

Doomsday? Preppers? What's going on and how should you prepare  Photo/screenshot ABC coverage of Texas fertilizer plant explosion

Doomsday? Preppers? What’s going on and how should you prepare Photo/screenshot ABC coverage of Texas fertilizer plant explosion

Almost 20 % of the respondents in the survey has admitted of having had a disability that would hinder them to respond to disasters effectively in real time. Surprisingly, one out of four of the respondents with disability have made preparations to be able to efficiently respond to disasters in relation to their disability before the disaster even strikes.

Fortunately, though, some people still believe in preparing for the worst case scenarios that are bound to happen. Preppers and survivalists are the terms that correctly define these people. The term survivalists started to exist in the 1960’s, when people began to fear for the occurrence of the events that may likely cause the earth’s unsurvivable dooms.

Tendency To Ignore The Essentiality Of Doomsday

Organizations providing preparedness guide are easily accessible in your area.  Many local organizations are affiliated with communities that can help and have the resources to disseminate solutions. Some organizations even recruit volunteers. Citizen Corps, USA On Watch and Community Emergency Response Teams are just some of these sample organizations. These organizations’ main function is to provide rescue when life-threatening disasters strike. However, despite their accessibility, some individuals seem to ignore or give no importance to the value of these organizations. These people think of the few, who see the benefit of these organizations, as overly exaggerating and ridiculous.

Cooperation, If Done Right Can Evade Doomsday

In preparation for doomsday, teams can help each other in accomplishing goals, give motivations, and designate responsibilities to all members. Teams make up a community. Loved ones should be encouraged to volunteer. The rave about the urgency of cooperating, if planned in accordance to needs of each and every individual involved, bring about positive results. Cooperating in participating in a fire drill can help prepare each individual when sudden fire breaks out.

Desperate Means Of Preparing For Doomsday Helps, Too

Desperate means of preparing for doomsday, such as putting firearms to good use, in times of emergencies, may help too. Firearms make great survival food kits, because they can be used to hunt for good sources of food. When food shortage comes around, and not enough food has been stored at home, hunting for food in the wild may be a good option for accessing food. Learning to be independent when it comes to cooking raw food is essential after hunting takes place. Practicing skills needed for independence is important in enabling survival in a remote place.

Advance Preparation For Doomsday Saves Lives

Waiting until the last minute to prepare for the worst only makes matters worse. People who prepare in advance for the impending doom increase their chances of surviving when catastrophe strikes. Emergency survival kits should be gathered in preparation of a winter storm, hurricane or a typhoon. Power outage, when winter storm strikes, should be anticipated by going for energy efficient tools, such as wood burning fireplaces, kerosene heaters and portable propane heaters.

Food For Every Prepper’s Thought Is Good, Too

When catastrophes strike, the factors on which food production depend get screwed up, too. When there’s no delivery for the stocks in the grocery store, no food may be availed by the customers. However, this is not a problem for you as long as food is stocked in advance. You should ignore the dirty stares you may get from people in the grocery stores who don’t seem to understand the value of prepping. Ignoring these people’s stares serves you good, as ultimately when chaos occur, it’s you who suffer, and not these people.
Survival food kits consist of food products that don’t require power to cook, anyway. These food kits include, but are not limited to instant noodles and canned goods. Add hot water to cook the instant noodles. On the other hand, canned goods usually don’t need to be cooked, as they are ready to eat upon serving.

Storing Extra Emergency Supplies Isn’t Crazy, At All

People should put in efforts when it comes to embracing for the worst by stocking up on extra emergency supplies which you think might be really useful such as storing extra supply of water, first-aid tools, and special medicines especially if a family member is dependent on specific medications.

Being Concerned About Safety And Environment Is Not Uncool

Unsustainable urban life is one of the major contributors to the continuous damages on the environment and individual health, subsequently, paving the way for doomsday. You should not be afraid of creating a prepper image of your own, and be tagged as uncool. You’re just looking out after your life in this matter and your being uncool is far from the situation.

A Prepper’s Enhancement For More Energy Efficient Materials

The prepper’s fascination about other unique energy efficient materials preps them even further for doomsday, in a healthy manner. Energy efficient stoves can operate using various natural fuels, which include, but are not limited to, sticks, twigs, pinecones, charcoal and other types of biomass. Cooking a meal is possible with natural fuel rocket stoves by using tiny piles of twigs and sticks.

There is a need to look at every angle of the situation when prepping for doomsday. No one prepping strategy proves to be constantly effective in any type, location and severity of a disaster. Any preparation that will be done now will ultimately impact the way people cope with the impending doom ahead. Things should not be taken for granted. Anticipate the worst, sooner, rather than later.

Guest Author: Aby Nicole League

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    […] What's All The Rave About Doomsday Anyway? Surprisingly, one out of four of the respondents with disability have made preparations to be able to efficiently respond to disasters in relation to their disability before the disaster even strikes. Fortunately, though … Firearms make great … Read more on The Global Dispatch […]

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