Published On: Wed, Aug 23rd, 2017

What You Should Know about NespressoPods

Purchasing Nespresso capsules is not a simple task for most people. It is best that you are well educated about these pods before you make your purchase. Being an informed consumer is important because it will enable you to make the best purchase. Coffee contains caffeine and calories found in the coffee capsules. However, most people ignore this fact and just purchase any coffee capsules. Here are some things that you must know about Nespresso capsules.


Caffeine content

Nespresso coffee has about 55 to 65mg of caffeine content in the capsules. Lungo blends tend to have more caffeine concentration when compared to other blends as it has 20% more coffee in every capsule. The amount of caffeine will vary depending on the coffee type and the roasting degree that the coffee beans are subjected to. Usually, the coffee bean leaves will not affect the caffeine content present in the Nespresso capsules.

Capsule composition

Holiday variations, limited edition and Grand Crus blends of Nespresso are free from all allergens such as gluten, nuts and lactose. Furthermore, these blends are produced from 100% pure coffee and they can be prepared using any Nespresso coffee machine. They are usually available in tightly sealed conditions to prevent exposure to moisture and air.  Capsules that have references to malt, cocoa or milk are considered to have these as the major components of their aromatic profile.

Pure or single origin coffee

Single or pure origin coffee is made from different coffees that originate from the same country. Each pure origin Nespresso is composed of genuine and exclusive coffees that come from one country. Furthermore, some of these coffees are limited to some specific regions that provide unique profiles. Rigorous sampling and testing is done to produce 100% pure coffee origins.

Shelf life

Nespresso Pods are tightly sealed to guarantee optimal conservation of the coffee aromas. Each sleeve contains two dates: the date of production and date of consumption. The company ensures that the freshness of their produce lasts up to 12 months from the actual production date. Coffee is not a perishable product and the expiry date show the date up to which you will get best results from your coffee cup.

Recyclable pods

Most people do not know that Nespresso pods can be recycled. There are several collection points across the country that individuals can take their used pods. Make sure that you drop off all your used capsules at these designated collection points so that they can be sent to the recycling plants. The pods are smelted to produce new aluminum products while the residual coffee is sent to the industrial composting facility.

Good espresso and coffee tastes amazing and can be a great comfort when you are having a bad day. Furthermore, it is easy and fun to make when you have the right tools and machines. Coffee is good as it can enhance your mental abilities, help in weight loss, help start your exercise regimen and keep you awake longer. Whatever coffee brand you choose, you should always remember that good coffee starts with the beans.

Author: Charlie Brown


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