Published On: Sat, Oct 3rd, 2020

What you should factor in when Buying a Machine Tool

Grinders, screw machines, vertical machines, milling, press brakes, EDMs, lasers, waterjets, to mention but a few are some of the machine tools you may need to purchase from time to time in your line of work. With many brands and companies in the market, the choice is limitless. But, how do you know which company manufactures the right quality tools or how to buy the correct type of machine tool to suit your needs? There is nothing more frustrating than buying a machine tool, then finding out later that you can’t utilize it since its not the proper one for the job. Here are some considerations you should factor in when looking for a power or machine tool.

The purpose of the machine tool

Before you purchase a machine tool, it is crucial that you first identify the purpose or function you want to perform with it. That way, the seller will help you identify the specific machine for that work or find a versatile one. For instance, some machine tools for production companies come as a family of parts that have to connect to work.

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The features of the tool

Every machine tool has the specific features a buyer checks when purchasing. You should look closely and carefully not to buy a tool with so many unnecessary features that will only slow it down. Or features you pay for but do not need. Buy tools that are easy to use, rather than complicated ones, and they should have a manual for assembling on your own. 

In addition to that, buy your machine tools from a reputable company such as Spark & Co. You can tell a reputable company by checking online reviews by customers who have used such tools before. Customer reviews are always unbiased and will help you point out any discrepancies before your expensive purchase.

Safety requirements

Many manufacturers always include the safety requirements or records on the machine tool manual and let you know beforehand. That should be your number one consideration when buying machine tools. Ensure it has a safety record and search from the internet to know if there is any information that can point to its accident history. That helps you buy a tool that is safe for use to ensure the safety of your workers.

Repair and maintenance

Some machine tools are not expensive but will require frequent repairs now and then. In the end, you realize that you are spending more on the maintenance than you bought it at. On the other hand, some machine tools are expensive but require little maintenance to keep running for an exceptionally long time. So, when buying any machine tool, consider its cost of maintenance.

 It has to be within your budget. 

Also, consider manufacturers that provide add-ons as replacement parts and compare with other sellers. The overall cost of the machine tool, including repair and maintenance, should be within your budget. Have a detailed discussion with the seller to break down the cost information to avoid any budget overruns in the future.

Test the tool

Testing a tool is very important, especially if you are dealing with a company that doesn’t accept refunds. By testing, you also identify if the tool is environmentally compatible or friendly and its physical qualities. That will help you avoid falling for any trap.

The final words

When buying a machine tool, do so from a reputable company that offers customer support desks in case of any inquiries.

Author: Lee Sadawski

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