Published On: Thu, Dec 8th, 2016

What You Should Be Watching: Action Shows To Get You Started

When it comes to action-packed television, you cannot get any better than action heroes. You can find all kinds of different shows If you have satellite or cable. There are a lot of comic book shows that you can see; you just need to decide if you are a Marvel or DC fan, or all the better if you love them both. Watching your favorite shows is as easy as going to Directspecials.com and seeing what they offer. Switching your provider will be the smart thing to do; you get more from these deals and a wider range of channels to choose from when it comes to watching all of these amazing shows.

Supergirl TV Guide 2016 SDCC PreviewWhat Shows Are Best?

The CW network is one of the first places you should check out for action and drama. They have the ultimate lineup of shows starting with Supergirl on Mondays, starring Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-el and Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant the “Perry White” of Supergirl.

Tuesday nights you can tune into the CW to Watch The scarlet speedster, The Flash starring Grant Gustin as Barry Allen. On Wednesday nights, you get the emerald archer, Green Arrow, starring Stephen Amall as Oliver Queen. Then you end this channels all-star round-up on Thursday nights with Legends of Tomorrow, which features several superheroes from the Atom, White Canary and even Firestorm to name but a few. You can even view the crossover special that all four shows share.

What’s Coming Up?

These are all great DC shows that are currently playing. However, there are plenty of shows coming up next year that are going to be just as exciting and amazing. You can watch on different channels like TNT, Scy-Fy- and even NBC. Shows like he Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead as well as Marvels Agents of SHIELD to name but a few shows that you can watch.

Other shows that are currently in works from Marvel, DC, and even Vertigo Comics include:

  • Postal – Set in Eden, Wyoming the story starts out with a murder, the first in 25 years.
  • Sinatoro – the story of a necronaught who has to save the planet by going into the afterlife.
  • Scarlet – follows a girl named Scarlett who rebels against society and starts a mew revolution.
  • Briggs Land – The story follows an anti-government group that controls a part of a rural wilderness.
  • Krypton – Follows the life of people living on the home planet of Superman before it was destroyed.
  • Unfollow – Follows a group of 140 people competing to win money from a social media magnate.
  • Empire of the Dead – A story about Manhattan getting quarantined and being infested with zombies and vampires.

These are just a few of the many different shows that are in the works for TV viewers. The hardest thing will be deciding what shows you want to watch. You may not have the time to catch every one of the shows as they come on but as long as you have a Tivo or DVR you can set the shows to record so that you can watch them in your own time. You can also set up reminders when your favorite shows will be on so that you never miss a single moment.

If any of these things are remotely what you are looking for in great television watching you will want to be sure that you have your DVR set and check the batteries in your remote so you can watch all of your favorites airing now and be ready for what is to come soon.

Author: Jimmy Simond


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