Published On: Mon, Aug 29th, 2016

What you need to know about Flight attendant before getting on the airplane

If you are planning to travel for the first time via airplane or you have been travelling for a long time, you need to know about what flight attendants would love or what they don’t.

2010 photo/Lasse Fuss

2010 photo/Lasse Fuss

Here is the list of six things which you need to know about flight attendant:

  1. Flight Attendant Call Button – Every person associated with any job is always irritated by few thing. So, as what flight attendants are too. For them, the ring button is the most annoyed thing. Some passengers think that the call button in an airplane is to ask food or other stuff from a flight attendant. But this is the thing you must not do while you are on your flight. You may wait for them to pass around you because the flight attendant passes every seat after every fixed time period. Then you may ask for the stuff you need like snacks, beer or trashing. The best practice is never to hit a call button, in case if the flight attendant is around you and serving other passengers then you must wait for your turn.
  2. Should we tip Flight Attendant? Airlines in all over the world avert tipping offered by passengers to a flight attendant. Due to this most of the flight attendants will turn you down. However, if you offer them the second time or add few bucks on to his or her hand, they will probably appreciate it. This could also help you to get a free or an extra snack.

In case your overall experience of the flight was extraordinary due to their fantastic service then your letter of appreciation to an airline will certainly help in the career of the flight attendant.

  1. A smile is contagious – A smile or a friendly “sir” or “ma’am” from the flight attendant is not just a good idea, but it is a job responsibility of them. So, to get the best service in return make an eye contact, give a smile to them and talk in a manner you communicate with your friends, family and neighbors. Their behavior will surprise you, and you are more likely to get extraordinary service.
  2. Keep your feet off the walls – You may find it relaxing by propping your feet on the wall of an airplane. But, it is not a good act, on this situation a flight attendant might ask you to keep your feet off the wall in the public which may be insulting to you. On the other hand, it is extremely dangerous for you too during turbulent takeoffs and landings.
  3. Hand out snacks to the attendants – How about making a flight attendants day who devote eight or more hours on an airplane to serve you and other passengers? How about giving them a surprise treat? Surprises almost work well, so in the case with the flight attendant. If you are on the plane and have bought some snacks for you and your loved ones, then you must not forget the crew of the airplane as well. Get on the airplane with some branded good quality chocolates and offer it to the airline members at check-in and boarding. It will surely open up the flight attendants of an airline.

6. Spread Love when travelling on the special occasion! If you are flying on any particular occasion like Christmas, Eid holidays, honeymoon, anniversary, New Year or any other occasion, flight attendants would love to hear greetings from you. They might congratulate you over the PA system or may make some on-board fuss. If you are travelling with children, the flight crew might give your children a surprise visit to the cock pit.

Guest Author: Rahis Saifi

Lufthansa Airbus A330-300 at Frankfurt Airport 2010 Photo/Lasse Fuss via wikimedia commons

Lufthansa Airbus A330-300 at Frankfurt Airport 2010 Photo/Lasse Fuss via wikimedia commons

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