Published On: Sun, Aug 30th, 2020

What You Need to Know About Eternity Roses

One of the sweetest go-to gifts of all time is nothing but flowers. Their best part is that they aren’t occasion bound so you can give someone flowers on almost every occasion, be it happiness or sorrow. Roses are almost everyone’s first choice while picking out flowers because they smell heavenly and are always a delight to the eyes. Roses are also said to be the crown flower, and there is no doubt that their elegance and poise put them on the top order ranking.

What’s more amazing about roses is that they are multipurpose. You can obviously use them for decorations and air fresheners, but people also make useful things out of them. Many women use rose water as a natural toner and believe it or not, but it does wonders for the skin. Roses are sometimes also used in decorating food dishes because their petals are edible. So purchasing roses is never a waste.

Preserving Roses

As much as fresh roses are in demand, people sometimes complain about them not lasting long enough. Because let’s face it, roses are plants plucked out of their roots and branches, and they are bound to expire. Many people also believe that since roses are flowers of love, they want them to last longer as they are gifting them to their beloved as a sign of compassion.

Florists, therefore, decided to use scientific advancements, and then they came up with preserved roses. They used harmless chemicals and methods to preserve real roses and make them last longer. This idea and invention changed the entire view of gifting roses. People started preferring preserved roses more than natural ones because they were lasting for more than a year.

User and Environment Friendly

These eternity roses that are also commonly known as roses that don’t die are extremely user friendly. So don’t worry about getting a fancy vase anymore. Getting fresh roses means watering them and cleaning up the porcelain now and then. You have to put a constant effort into looking after them. Moreover, once these fresh roses expire, you also have to discard them and make sure you don’t make a mess with the crisp and dried out petals.

Eternity roses take you away from all these hassles. All you’re required to do is put them in the right spot, and you’re done. These roses don’t require constant care, they don’t need any water, to begin with, and they last for as long as you don’t misuse them.

Public domain image/Jon Sullivan

Eternity Roses

Merge elegance and poise with compelling fragrances, and you get eternity roses. These roses are customized in as many colors as you can imagine. They obviously have the standard red rose collection, but after seeing their pastels and other bright colors, you wouldn’t be able to resist them.

Here’s something even more astonishing, they also make 24 karat gold plated eternity roses! Theses royal roses come in all sorts of metallic colors, starting from platinum to rose gold and pure gold; these colors would leave you mesmerized and obsessed.

Not only do these roses look gorgeous, but they also have scents that would make your room smell heavenly. They come in various fragrances and are just another plus point for making a purchase. Moreover, these eternity roses are the ultimate epitome of grace, so how could they come in regular packaging? The variety of boxes that they have for these roses is fabulous. They come in velvet boxes and glass boxes of all sizes and shapes. The velvet boxes come in various colors, so you can always mix and match.

Where to Get Them From?

Eternity roses are available in many extravagant gift stores. Still, sometimes the quality and packaging are compromised, so it is better that you look up the internet for authentic stores near you.

Many brands online make customized, high-quality eternity roses, and their products are almost five-star reviewed. People find it easier to order these roses online as it saves you from the travel hassle. Many stores operate with worldwide delivery, so you don’t have to worry about not living in the desired area.

Eternity Roses by Venus ET Fleur

One of the most established names in the industry is Venus ET Fleur. This brand observes a worldwide delivery of eternity roses in various exquisite packaging and best quality product.

Roses by The Eternity Rose

This is yet another brand delivering preserved roses. They give a lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee; however, they might not have as much variety in packaging.

Eternal Rose New York

This brand has an amazingly vast collection of packaging and gorgeous glass centerpieces. You can get your customized box and roses that don’t die. However, the contact information about this brand is from the US, so it probably only delivers nationwide.

Royal Flower

Another fancy rose brand is the royal flower. They have a great collection of full stem roses. The stem of these roses is usually gold plated, and the petals can be of the color of your choice and preference. They also have amazing Ombré collections.

Author: Jacob Maslow

Photo of Rosa ‘New Day’ at the Springs Preserve garden in Las Vegas, Nevada, taken May 2005 by User:Stan Shebs

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