Published On: Sat, Feb 4th, 2017

What You Didn’t Know About Your AZ Driver License

Your driver’s license gives you permission to get around the state and around the country, but you may not know everything about it. There are so many wonders and enigmas behind it, that you’ll never look at it the same way again. Why it was never featured on Unsolved Mysteries is entirely beyond us. Before you make bold proclamations or think about how to not be a good defensive driver, learn more about what your license can and can’t do.

It’s Not a Real ID

When you go to an airport, you probably know you can’t get on a plane unless you have some form of identification. States need to meet certain requirements to meet the Real ID measure that the federal government passed after 2011 terrorist attacks. The way Arizona state law is currently structured, they won’t be able to issue these types of licenses even if they wanted to. Your state (along with a handful of others in the country) have some explaining to do. Fortunately, if you want to fly, you’re allowed to continue using your current ID because the state was granted an extension on the rule. But that all ends in 2020…you know, unless the state gets another extension or the law changes entirely or Arizona starts printing new IDs.

You Can Still Renew If It’s Lost or Stolen

Many of these facts can be learned by taking a defensive driving course, this is a really cool one. Maybe a bird came and snatched your license right out of your hands when you were at a walk-up fast food counter. Maybe it was damaged when you accidentally hit it with a hammer multiple times. Whatever happened, you can still renew it if it’s about to expire. The DMV still makes it ridiculously hard to do so, and will publicly shame you should you fill out Form 14a instead of 14b (not the name of the real form.) But you already knew that they would do that, so have no fear.

The State’s Not Great with Reminders

You’ve probably got a life outside of the DMV. That life may include, but is not limited to, kids, work, school or collecting ceramic frogs for your ever-growing collection. Maybe you like some of these things, maybe you don’t. But they all take up time and when you get busy, you’re probably not remembering to check to see when your license expires. And surprise! The DMV isn’t going to remind you that you have to do it. If they did remind you, they’d have far less opportunities to fine you for driving with an expired license. And let’s face it, that’s just not going to happen anytime soon. So, whether you must hire someone to call you a week before it expires or if you must repeat it to yourself repeatedly, don’t forget!

That Photo Is Probably Not the Worst One You’ll Ever Take

If you’re anything like a normal person, your license photo is probably not your favorite. But we have some comforting news for you: your next one will probably be a lot worse. Those pounds you put on in the past few years, those extra wrinkles in your face? A DMV specialist is just waiting to capture those in detail for you and ID-checkers everywhere to delight in. And when you try to hide that photo so your friend or potential new love interest doesn’t see it, it will just make them more curious to see it! Help you feel better? Good! We’re glad to have helped you understand more about that little card in your wallet or pocket.

Author: Anwar Hossain

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