Published On: Thu, Jul 18th, 2019

What would a boat cost you?

You will get various responses to what it would cost to run a yacht. However, in this guide, you’ll get an estimated cost of the boat of your choice.

It is only natural for a potential vessel owner to want to know what such vessel would cost him/her at the end of each year because, without a doubt, the running cost of a yacht could very well discourage a good number of potential owners.  

For first-time purchasers, this is particularly valid, given that they don’t have a set pattern of spending that may serve as a form of cost check and balance should they decide to go for larger vessel(s) than the one(s) they own in the interim. 

Some Costs of Owning a Boat You Should Be Aware Of:

  •   Routine maintenance costs
  •   Depreciation
  •   Moorings
  •   Contingencies
  •   Insurance
  •   Boatyard maintenance. 
  •   Equipment renewals, replacement, and upgrades.
  •   Fueling cost

The Boat of Your Choice

We’ll presume that you are not looking for an inflatable dinghy or perhaps, an underwater – superweapon that’s nuclear-powered. Instead, we’ll be discussing three major types of boats that are typically owned by American families. They are the Outboard motorboat, the inboard motorboat, and the pontoon boat.

On average, the brand new pontoon boat would cost around about $35,000 . And that would be for the more common 22-foot pontoon boat size, that’s usually found on most American lakes and rivers. There are smaller pontoon boats that could go for less than $20,000. Also, you could without much of a stretch spend more than $50,000 on one too.

A motorboat without inboard engines and a cabin frequently called speed or powerboat and built mainly for fishing purposes, could cost somewhere in the range of $20,000 when purchased as used, to a considerable number of hundreds of thousands of dollars for new models of the fastest speed boats on water. The price of superior models, even used ones, starts around a few hundred thousand dollars and above.

Larger speedboats that possess both inboard motors and cabins are commonly called cruisers (for the record, they aren’t exactly expansive enough to be regarded as yachts). These pontoons usually cost a sizable number of dollars (up to seven figures) whenever purchased as new ones, however many used-condition cruiser speedboats in excellent conditions can be acquired for under six figures. 

In any case, remember, the last price tag of your vessel is only the start.

photo courtesy of boatactuator.com


It’s not always an easy task foreseeing devaluation, particularly in a market without a massive database of information. Figures will most likely differ and is contingent upon the style and age of the pontoon. As a rough estimate, by and large, new vessels drop in around 40-50 percent of their initial cost within an 8-10 year period. A large portion of that figure gets stacked on the boat within its first one to three years of use. When a pontoon is about ten years old, devaluation predominantly eases back to less than five percent every year.


The most significant bearing on yearly outgoings would be the place you choose as your boat’s storage space. A great deal will rely upon whether you need the accommodation of a walk aground marina compartment with full equipment/outfits on tap, or whether you’d be glad to take a mooring whose only reach is with a delicate water taxi or yacht club/vessel yard dispatch. 


This is one cost that’s typically simple to evaluate ahead of time. Insurance in marine is an aggressive market, and costs are shockingly sensible, given that you don’t partake in higher hazard exercises, such as racing and long-distance solo passage making. At the time of compiling this piece, insuring a yacht would probably have to work out at around 0.4-1.0 percent of the entire vessel’s worth.

Inspection Fees

Prefontaine said a vessel could cost anything from a couple of thousand dollars to a couple hundred thousand dollars, and higher charges can be expected for inspection fees.

He also included that; in addition to the sticker price, you end up paying for assessment charges, and you’ll need to get the vessel pulled out for study, which would cost you money too. 

“Purchasers ought to be prepared to pay for the inspection, regardless of whether they choose to make the last buy,” he said. What’s more, if that assessment is sub-par? At that point, “you’re out $1,500 to not purchase a boat.”

Routine Maintenance 

“It’s simple enough when you decide to change your motor oil and wash your pontoon by yourself. Be that as it may, an electrical issue or a real mechanical issue could genuinely be a setback” – said Prefontaine, who at one time made a $9000 expense just to fix his boat which cost $16000.


Prefontaine said Boats, just like major pickup trucks, happen to be gas guzzlers. He spent around six dollars for every nautical mile on fuel and drove around 1,200 nautical miles just a year ago. You crunch the numbers. 

Average Storage Cost

You can generally keep your boat in the water. However, your boat should be kept someplace safe whenever you have no plans of utilising it. There’s a high chance that your boat size enables you to get it parked up nicely in your property after using a trailer to get it home. Be that as it may, this isn’t the situation with sailboats. They are enormous in size, and you can’t in any way, shape, or form be put them on a trailer and have them moved to your home. This is only achievable with little speedboats. 

Author: Sheikh Huzaifa

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