Published On: Fri, Mar 25th, 2016

What works, what failed with ‘Dawn of Justice,’ Lex Luthor, Lois Lane and Ben Affleck

Dawn of Justice is such a let down that Warner Bros may really re-consider their slate of movies set over the next few years. As I outlined previously, Zack Snyder’s role as director should be reconsidered if there isn’t some serious help from the creative minds at DC Comics. Spoilers ahead, read with caution.

While I noted the Superman is being mishandled, Amy Adams’ Lois Lane is not.

amy adams as Lois Lane in batman-v-superman-trailerChasing down stories and being a top notch investigative reporter puts Lois in harm’s way and Dawn of Justice has that.

Additionally, she’s in love with perfect hero and struggles to know how to encourage and support him. Adams has truly pulled this off and the shortcomings are only with the script. The skimpy backstory may not seem like much, but that is crucial for Lois to exist in Superman’s universe.

Dawn of Justice needed a bit more meat here, putting Lois in Lex Luthor’s path and not him grabbing her, but it still played out well.

She figures things out and goes head strong into danger. Superman is not Spider-Man with his relationship problems, but he doesn’t usually know how to juggle things properly.

Lois needs to fade into the background with the Justice League films, but Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman creates a new layer of tension and jealousy that the strong female role model with have to overcome.

Lex Luthor is behind it all?

Lex Luthor is behind it all?

Lex Luthor is not the Riddler or the Joker

I really don’t know who Lex Luthor is in the DCU after Dawn of Justice. Having him behind bars only works when he’s plotting and scheming. Luthor being front and center in Metropolis, thumbing his nose as Superman always adds a layer of intrigue to the feud between the pair.

The insane, rambling Jesse Eisenberg version with daddy and God issues is just a mess. Luthor needs to remain lucid and clear about his objective: kill Superman. Dawn of Justice offered no realistic vendetta or justification for hatred.

Batman’s assault on Luthor was just lame. Lex should have responded about his lawyers, how he’ll be free in hours and a shot of him in the silhouette of the LexCorp logo should have been his fate. He in NOT the Kingpin, brooding in prison, but should always be sitting atop the world’s tallest tower, controlling the masses and looking for his next chance to strike.

Batfleck was awesome…well, Bruce Wayne is at least

Fans freaked out when Ben Affleck was cast as Bruce Wayne/ Batman. Dawn of Justice should erase those concerns as Affleck’s Wayne was one of the best ever.

An armored and rugged Batman was not only believable, but was the most entertaining fight sequences in the entire film (despite having much of the footage ruined in promotional material). A new solo Batman film, directed by Affleck is even more exciting now that we’ve seen his version of the character.

Note: lose the cursing. Batman has a huge appeal to kids and we don’t need him to have a potty mouth. Keep with the gadgets and cool tech. There isn’t much in Dawn of Justice, but he did fade into the background a bit during the Doomsday battle, not having a solution to offer the team. It wasn’t a huge problem here, but Batman cannot be irrelevant in a war with Darkseid.

Up next: Cameos, end credits and the Marvel curse – what worked and what didn’t



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