Published On: Fri, Mar 25th, 2016

What works, what failed with ‘Dawn of Justice’ cameos, end credit scene, Flash and Marvel’s shadow

Warner Bros is banking on a lot with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and I believe there will be such massive disappointment that the slate of films set over the few years may be re-evaluated or even delayed. As I have reviewed, this starts at the top with director Zack Snyder and goes to all of the cast.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead

Now let’s examine the hype of the Justice League films and nitpick some details.

The Aquaman cameo and other heroes

There was no greater letdown than the absence of Jason Momoa as Aquaman and a money shot with the heroes coming together.

Wonder Woman completed the DC trinity to face Doomsday, a moment spoiled in the teasers, but comes to battle alone. While there is a quick examination of the remaining team members by Diana Prince, her exit from the conflict and NOT rallying the “troops” was just a huge let down.

Every fan in the theater wanted Aquaman to emerge from the water with the kryptonite spear. Every fan needed the humor that comes with the Scarlet Speedster. Batman and Superman could have used the help and it was have created a flurry of hype for the two new films.

aquaman-jason-momoa-in Batman v Superman Dawn of JusticeNo end credits scene

Fans will stay until word gets out: there is no end credits scene.

Snyder and others believe this helps set themselves apart, but they are failing miserably. The credit scenes could be engineered differently to tease future productions, relationships or films.

If the aforementioned idea wasn’t going to fly with execs at the WB, then why not add a quick shot or mention of the team forming. Imagine Wonder Woman entering and asked if they are all there with Batman responding, “All but one” and looks up as Superman approaches. The costumed characters don’t need an introduction, that can come later with their own films.

The result of Dawn of Justice was no excitement or anticipation of future films.

Ezra Miller’s Flash will be a disaster

There is no greater challenge for Warner Bros and the DCU than Flash. Grant Gustin has killed the Flash role for The CW and the brief glimpse of Miller’s character is a massive let down. The look is completely wrong and the thin mustache on “future Flash” could be the biggest mistake to date. I hope that isn’t something we will see in the Justice League.

Fans love and adore Gustin as Barry Allen, so the cards are already stacked against Miller.

My solution would be that Miller is not Barry Allen, but a different speedster. Try to tie-in Gustin at a later date and get some brains from the DC creative teams to ensure that Flash is handled well.

Marvel has cast a big, big shadow

Snyder, Warner and DC have taken too long to get these characters to the big screen. Marvel is winning the battle at the box office and on TV with ABC and Netflix shows expanding the universe.

DC and CW couldn’t get the deal worked out so it’s not even all one universe and everyone will suffer. Marvel’s Ultron will make a Brainiac look like a knock off. Civil War and the Avengers films just adds pressure to the Justice League creative team. Solo films have been succesful, so fans care about the characters, Warner hasn’t done that….yet.

When Ant-Man and little known Guardians of the Galaxy can find massive success, Snyder and Dawn of Justice looks worse because the results should be greater as the bar keeps getting higher and higher.

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