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What to write about in a college essay

Writing a school essay is an important issue that can be done successfully only if you know how to write and what to tell. Admission committee choose from thousands of different essays, and we have gathered some useful tips how to write a successful work that will stand out from the huge crowd of other applicants.

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  1. Write about something very important

When choosing a topic, try to select something that had a great impact in your life. Whether it’s a story about your favorite book or an exciting essay telling the readers about some interesting moments from your experience, you should describe the most bright episodes. Don’t even try to write about boring things – your work won’t seem interesting and you’d have no chances to win.

2. Make a hook

Even if you chose a great topic, it’s important to make a solid and logical story that will grab your readers’ attention. Don’t just describe events play-by-play, but show the admission committee the experience you learned. Make your story interesting and exciting to set it apart from others. If you need advise about how to grab your readers’ attention, visit our website 10pagepapers.com and find a lot of useful tips there.

3. Be careful with funny moments

Of course, if you have a great humor sense, you may get more chances to be approved. But be careful with your essay’s funny moments. Those things that seem funny to you, might not seem so funny for the admission officer. That’s why we suggest to not bring too much humor into your work.

4. Plan your time

It’s a bad idea to make everything at the last moment when you need to write a school essay. This is definitely not the thing that can be done well in a hurry. That’s why try to plan your work to think about the topic, write draft and revise a finished story. Think about if your work is interesting and is it written in your own voice.

5. Avoid repeats

Remember that you shouldn’t list your awards or discuss your test scores and grades in your essay. The admission committee will see your results and achievements in your application, so no need to repeat this information in your work. Concentrate on your own voice and impress the officers with your unique story.

6. Review all instructions carefully

We suggest printing out all requirements for the essay to keep it behind your eyes. It’s very important to follow all instructions, because the admission committee will notice this. Even if it may seem you not so important, but this is a good criterion to value your accuracy and ability to fulfill rules.

7. Write clearly and briefly

Don’t use complicated specific words because your goal is to show your ability to write, but not to impress the committee with language. Try to write short sentences to make your work clear and logical. Remember that you won’t be able to impress the officers with your words, but you can do it with the whole story.

8. Make the reader to be a participant in your story

If you want your work to be really successful, engage the readers and make them participants of your essay. They should feel like they were where everything happened, whether you are writing a story about your life experience, your favorite stage performance or a debate.

9. Write it yourself

Admission committee reads thousands of essays every year, so they know when this is your own work and when it isn’t. You can ask someone for help, such as revising your work and giving you some fresh ideas. But don’t ask anyone to write instead of you. That won’t be helpful, but just decrease your chances to be accepted.

10. Proofread your work

When your essay is finished, spend some time to revise it. Don’t rush into correcting errors right after you have put the pen down. We suggest taking a break to fresh your mind; so distract from writing and go for a walk with friends. A good idea is to give your essay to someone to proofread, that could be your teacher, friend or relative. They may suggest some changes or new ideas as well as correcting mistakes. Make sure that your essay sounds solid and logically; re-read it for several times and correct those places you don’t like. You can use online services for checking grammar mistakes in your work.

We hope these short and clear tips will be useful for you in writing such an important work as school essay. Don’t try to be someone else when you are writing your essay, just be yourself and impress the committee with a bright and interesting story!

Author: Svetlana Zamkov

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