Published On: Tue, Jun 6th, 2017

What To Know About the EpiPen Right Now

The EpiPen has been a source of tremendous controversy over the past year. Manufactured by the Mylan company, the EpiPen is a medical device available by prescription designed to inject doses of epinephrine through an autoinjector. It’s often used for treating anaphylaxis. People with severe allergies commonly use these devices, and the Mylan company recently said they would be raising price drastically on the life-saving product.

There has been legislative pressure on the Mylan company, and so far there have been some strides made to help people access this medication, including EpiPen coupon and discount programs.

The following are some of the key headlines regarding EpiPen news right now:

Expired EpiPens

One of the most recent stories regarding the EpiPen involves the fact that even if it’s expired, it may still save lives when used. A newly released evaluation from researchers at the California Poison Control Center-San Diego Division has come out to say that their information shows EpiPens expired as far as four years may still be effective.

They evaluated nearly 40 unused, expired EpiPens and found that of the devices they looked at, more than 80 percent still contained their initial dose of epinephrine.

This has been good news for those people who haven’t replaced their EpiPen because of pharmacy shortages and high costs. Researchers are letting people know that an expired EpiPen is better than nothing at all, although they do still recommend people replace them if that’s an option.

photo by photoSteve101 via Flickr

New Generic EpiPen

Another topic grabbing media headlines is the introduction of a new generic EpiPen which has the potential to help people save money.

The generic EpiPen is said to be the same as the brand name version in its formulation, as well as it’s appearance and effectiveness, but it’s about half the cost of the brand-name version.

Medical professionals are advising people to speak with their pharmacist if they have a prescription for the EpiPen and they want to get the generic version, or if they want to request a new prescription for one that’s no longer usable.

Mylan Chairman Salary

Financial media outlets are also reporting on something else involving the EpiPen.

The Mylan company recently disclosed that their chairman received $100 million in 2016, which was when the controversy over pricing began. It was among the most substantial pay packages announced in 2016. This pay for Robert J. Coury doesn’t include an additional $66 million for retirement benefits and other payments.

In total his pay was just under $164 million last year, and even though he’s no longer an employee, he continues to receive something called a cash retainer to the tune of $1.8 million a year. He received one million restricted stock units as well, worth about $37 million.

The company released a statement saying Coury was able to bring strong financial performance and growth to Mylan during his time there.

As issues continue to plague the maker of the EpiPen and new alternatives are being sourced for the life-saving medicine, it’s like that it will continue to be in the news on a regular basis.

Author: Carmelo Hannity

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