Published On: Wed, Apr 14th, 2021

What To Know About Investor Immigration in the USA

A nation of immigrants, this term was coined by John F. Kennedy. The United States of America has been attracting immigrants since the early 17th century. Every year, over one million immigrants enter the USA and according to the recent census, around 140,000 of those immigrants are employment-based. 

An employment-based visa in the US, or more commonly known as an investor visa USA, is an immigration law for visas by the country’s government. This law provides visas to people wishing to enter the States in order to undertake new commercial businesses aiding the country.

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EB-5 Investing in regional centers

This is a simple and easy investment venture with a static engagement. Here, one can invest a lower amount of $500,000(U.S) in any EB-5 government-authorized regional center. This investment is for a 5-year time span. 

However, the upside is a tentative green card for the person, and their immediate family will be obtained in about eighteen months. As this is a static investment, and one’s engagement is minimal, there is a catch. The center must provide jobs to at least ten American workers, or else the invested money is put in considerable risk. 

EB-5 Direct Investor Visa

It is similar to the earlier Eb-5. The significant difference is regarding price and control of investment. Here, a person must invest about 1 million U.S dollars in their own business venture and employ ten workers for a span of two years.

The invested amount can be decreased to $500,000(U.S) if done in a rural or high-unemployment area. The green card conditions are the same as above, and if combined with E-2, one can get into the country in only six months.

E-2 Work or entrepreneur visa

This is the fastest process to enter the States for work. The only con is that it can be really complicated outside of EB-5 direct mode. In this procedure, one can work in the company he or she invested in and get the E-2 work visa. 

However, this requires an investment treaty between the person’s country and the United States. The total investment cost is also comparatively less, with the bottom cost being $75,000(U.S) to $200,000(U.S) for better services. 

L-1 Inter-corporate or intra-company and EB-1 Extraordinary Immigration

L-1 and EB-1 are not much of an investment process but more based on skills. For obtaining an L-1 visa, the person is required to get a transfer to any company in the United States. This way, they are eligible for acquiring a green card, depending on the role of their job.

EB-1 visa, on the other hand, is purely based on skill and talent. Any individual with an extraordinary capability under the EB-1 immigration criteria is eligible.

Takeaway:  There are various reasons people want to immigrate to the States. Some go for better financial security, some for a better lifestyle, some for job opportunities, and some for education. As an investor, the process is simple and easy, plus the options are vast. Hence, if there is a thought of immigration in your mind, and you are willing to invest, retain knowledge about all the available options.

More information about investor immigration in the USA you can find at immigrationlawyersinmiami.com, a reliable online resource.

Author: Arina Coleman

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