Published On: Fri, Aug 19th, 2022

What To Do If Your Child Has Been In A Daycare Accident?

There is nothing else that parents worry more about than their child being in a daycare accident. If your child has been in one, and you are finding it hard to do the things that need to be done, this post will help.

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Accidents are Common in Daycare Centers

The truth is that accidents are quite common in daycare centers. This is sad, but the limited resources that most daycares have, cause most accidents. This can be terrifying because if something like this happens to your child, thoughts of the worst come crawling into your head. Calling up a daycare injury lawyer is the next course of action you need to take. They will be able to tell you exactly what needs to happen to help you and your family in a full recovery. 

Common Types of Daycare Accidents

If you are wondering which types of accidents are most common in American daycare centers, you will find that negligence is the most common cause. Bruises, cuts and abrasions, broken bones from falls, drowning, choking or burns are the most common types of accidents that we see.

If your child has been a victim of any type of accident at your daycare center, it is advisable to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Things to Do


  • See a Doctor


Even if your child’s injuries do not seem to be too bad, you should still see a doctor. You never know when there might be internal injuries you can’t see. Getting treatment as soon as possible and when necessary will ensure there are no further problems. Cuts and bruises have to be cared for so that they heal quickly. No matter how insignificant the injuries may seem, it is best to have a consultation with the doctor.


  • Get an Incident Report Filed


The daycare center is supposed to notify you immediately if any kind of accident has occurred regarding your child. But they do not always do so especially if they are trying to cover up their role in the accident. That is why it is a good idea to file an incident report as soon as possible. This will help you take control of the situation and be in charge.


  • Get Your Facts


When it is a matter of your child, it is only natural to try and do your best. So when your little one has been in a daycare accident, it is wise to not go into the situation without the right ammunition. So get your facts straight before pursuing the daycare. Sometimes, the daycare is going to try to withhold information because they are trying to save their skin. But it’s your job to get information from caregivers, teachers, and other attendees in the center on that particular day.


  • Contact a Lawyer


It is crucial to contact a lawyer if you believe the daycare has been responsible for the accident. This way you can be assured that your rights will be protected and your child will find the justice they deserve. Whether the injuries are major or minor, it is always a good idea to go the legal route when it comes to daycare centers when it is your child who has been harmed in any way.

Author: Lee Sadawski

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