Published On: Fri, Jan 17th, 2020

What To Do If You Are Involved In A Car Accident

Being in a car accident isn’t something that anyone plans for, but it is a more likely occurrence than many people realize. Every driver should have a plan of action so they know what to do if they find themselves involved in an accident. Below are the most important things you need to know.

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Always Stop At The Scene

You must always stop at the scene of any car accident, even if it is only a relatively minor collision. For one thing, you need to ensure that everyone involved is ok and that if anyone is in need of assistance that the emergency services are summoned.

You will also want to stop so that you can take stock of the scene and document it in case you need to file an insurance or compensation claim at a later date.

You will need to make a judgment call as to whether it is safer for you to remain in your vehicle or whether you should get out and move to somewhere safe.

Check For Injuries

As soon as it is safe to do so, you should check everyone involved in the accident for injuries. If anyone is suffering from a serious injury, then call the emergency services immediately. You should never move an injured person unless you absolutely have to. In the case of a car accident, it can be prudent to move a victim if their vehicle is in a particularly dangerous spot or begins to smoke and catch fire.

If anyone has suffered a serious knock to the head, it is important that they are seen by a medical professional. Head injuries can have serious consequences, and symptoms are not always immediately obvious. Internal bleeding is always a potential complication of car crash injuries and it is, therefore, a good idea to have everyone checked out anyway as a precaution.

Document The Scene

It is always worth documenting the scene of a car crash as this can help you if you later make an insurance claim or claim compensation from the other driver. Documenting the scene is easy, you can simply use your cell phone to take a few photos. It might also be worth recording a small video of you recounting what has happened.

If you want to be certain of having evidence after any car accident, then it is worth investing in a dashcam for your car. A dashcam will automatically record everything that you see as a driver and can be useful in proving whether you are at fault or not in the event of a collision.

Consider Compensation

If you are injured in a car crash, and you believe that the other party is at fault, you can make a claim for compensation. If you plan on making a compensation claim, then you should contact a car accident lawyer to ensure that you have a valid case that is worth pursuing. A car accident lawyer will be able to advise you as to the merits of your case, and then guide you through the rest of the process if it is worth proceeding.

It is well worth having a plan for what to do in a car accident long before one actually occurs. Car accidents are high-stress situations and panic can make it much harder to act appropriately. Having a plan will help to keep you calm so you know what to do.

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