Published On: Wed, Jun 15th, 2016

What Steps Are Necessary During Fire Extinguisher Inspection?

All companies in the world need to have people that are responsible for fire safety. A designated person has to conduct fire extinguisher inspection as a mandatory task done at a regular interval. At the same time, the individual needs to train staff and make sure fire alarms work properly. Tests have to be done and all people need to be aware of what has to be done if fire appears. You need to go through fire extinguisher inspection in all factories, schools, warehouses and office buildings.

Step 1 – Location

It is very important that you make sure all fire extinguishers are easily accessible and placed in an area that offers visibility. If you have devices designed for firefighting and nobody can actually find them when a need appears, they become useless. Locations have to be set all throughout the office and team members have to know where everything is placed. As an extra tip, if you have flammable cabinets or areas that are susceptible for flames, more fire extinguishers have to be placed in the area.

photo/ DirtyOpi via pixabay

photo/ DirtyOpi via pixabay

Step 2 – Checking The Fire Extinguishers

You have to be guaranteed that the firefighting equipment was not tampered. If any sign of tampering exists, fire specialists have to be contacted as soon as possible. They will help as they perform the different services and tests necessary to guarantee that a fire extinguisher will work in an effective way whenever needed.

Step 3 – Pressure Indications

Now you need to be sure that you identify the pressure that the canister holds. It needs to always be set in the green area. If the dial is there, the device will work properly whenever needed since proper pressure exists. You can easily cool fire as you spray it in a short period of time. When pressure dials move more towards the red part, canisters lost pressure and you absolutely have to call business professionals to get that fixed. Re-pressuring canisters whenever necessary is very important if you want to be sure that everything works properly.

Step 4 – Clean The Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher needs to always be properly clean. A damp cloth is normally all you need and you can wipe the label. Be sure indications are visible. There are differences in the solutions held by various fire extinguishers and a different solution is needed when you want to fight a specific type of fire. Always understand exactly what the extinguisher is for in terms of fire type. If you fail to do this you can end up faced with the unwanted situation in which fire will not be fought properly.

Step 5 – The Actual Inspection

You start by making sure all the fire extinguishers are placed at the correct locations. If fire breaks out, the team member responsible with the extinguishers can easily find exactly what is needed and take all the fighting steps necessary. That will save a lot of time. Then, you have to be sure that all training paperwork is present. Reports need to be up-to-date and the team members should have the necessary training done.

Guest Author: Lolita Di

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  1. DP says:

    Whom ever wrote this completely useless article has done more of a disservice than Hollywood does with their often incorrect rendition of automatic fire sprinkler activation as if they were all Deluge systems. I am only commenting because it is blatant and foolish to misinform the general public and have them think that its ‘all’ that has to be done.
    This is even more ridiculous especially when they even mention schools, offices and business locations so we are not just referring to personnel home fire extinguisher use/inspections here. If you want to understand what really goes on with a fire extinguisher inspection call your local code enforcement office or your individual State Fire Marshal’s office, because the requirements of a full and complete certified inspection and who can perform them vary between states.

    Please be informed and correct when writing an article, otherwise don’t waste peoples time by spreading bad information.

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