Published On: Tue, Jun 13th, 2017

What Motivates Homeowners to Seek Second Mortgages?

First mortgages are a common way to finance the purchase of a residential property. This strategy makes it possible to pay the seller in full and then make a series of installment payments to a lender until the debt is repaid. While some homeowners never look at any additional financing involving the home, others take out what is known as a second mortgage. Why would a homeowner choose this strategy? Here are some of the reasons why a second mortgage may be a good idea.

Protecting the Original Investment With Home Improvements

One of the more common reasons to explore Mortgage CWF second mortgage options in Toronto has to do with protecting the investment already made in the home. The general expectation is that real estate will appreciate in value as the years pass. This does not happen unless the homeowner maintains the house and grounds properly and occasionally makes some type of improvements.

Improvements do cost money. It’s not unusual for a homeowner to turn to a second mortgage when some type of major improvement is needed. This could be adding a second floor to a one-story home, adding a room or two to the place, or having the home rewired with a brand new electrical system. The second mortgage allows the owner to complete these projects sooner rather than later and ensures the market value of the property continues to increase.

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Restructuring Existing Debt

There are times when securing a second mortgage provides a practical way to reorganize existing financial obligations and help the homeowner get out of debt faster. Many mortgage lenders are happy to provide the funds without restricting how they are used. This means if you have a substantial amount of unsecured debt like credit cards and suddenly find yourself with quite a few medical bills, finding the money to pay everything on time may be difficult.

By choosing to work with a lender who offers second mortgages, it’s possible to use an asset that you already own as collateral and eliminate all those other debts. What you are left with is one affordable payment on your second mortgage each month. This strategy protects your credit rating and satisfies your creditors.

You’ll also find that the interest rate applied to that second mortgage is likely to be less than the average interest rate on all those individual debts. As a result, you are able to pay off the total amount faster and save money along the way.

Taking Advantage of a Potential Investment

Homeowners will sometimes use second mortgages as a way to secure the capital needed to make some type of investment. This is especially true when the borrowed funds can be placed in some type of investment account that will generate returns and higher rates of interest than the terms and conditions that apply to the loan.

For example, parents may establish investment accounts with an eye toward creating wealth that will later cover the cost of college educations for their children. Invested wisely, the returns can easily offset the costs associated with the mortgage and provide more money to pay for those educations. As a result, the kids do not have a lot of debt to carry when they complete their studies.

There are more reasons to seek information about Ottawa second mortgages. Talk with a mortgage broker today and find out how this resource can be helpful in more than one scenario. You may decide that taking out a second mortgage is just what you need to strengthen your financial position.

Author: Anwar Hossain

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