Published On: Fri, May 29th, 2015

What Men Really Think About Women Riding Motorbikes

If you ride a motorbike, or are planning to, then you’re probably wondering how people will react, because you’re female. Especially men who ride motorcycles and seem to think it’s their sole dominion. It’s not surprising, considering that a decade or so ago, it was a rare sight to see a girl atop a motorbike, and not simply posing.

It should be of no concern to us what men really think about women riding motorbikes. It would be pathetic if we allow them to dictate what type of transport we favor. If women choose to become CEOs or interstate truck drivers, it’s a decision that they have no influence on. But for the sake of curiosity, here’s what I gathered from informal surveys.

Men are divided in their acceptance of women into the male-dominated motorcycle world. Some welcome the intrusion, others are either patronizingly tolerant or downright disdainful while still other men just don’t give a hoot. One thing they do have in common though: when it’s a hot girl with a super bod in shorts and a leather jacket, on a motorcycle…

Males who prefer that women stick to four-wheeled vehicles do so for various reasons. The insecure guy who gets a boost of confidence by riding a bike will feel threatened. The traditionalist doesn’t want to change the status quo. The protective male fears that we girls are more prone to motorcycle accidents.

Public domain photo/Todd Vierling via wikimedia commons

Public domain photo/Todd Vierling via wikimedia commons

Men who approve of women riding bikes are usually the younger ones who did not grow up in the Mad Max era of the ‘70s. These people also ride motorcycles and feel that it’s something they have in common with girl riders. They can talk to us about 400cc machines and leather and we are just as interested. On a road trip, they are relieved of the human load on their backs because we drive our own bikes. We get their need for adventure and freedom in the open space, and the surge of adrenaline that comes with speed.

Emancipated men see women bikers as strong, independent and self-sufficient. They don’t have to worry about us not being able to take care of ourselves in tough situations.

On to the hard facts, the latest survey from the Motorcycle Industry Council shows that 12% of motorcycle owners are female and their preferred brand is Harley-Davidson. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that in 2010, 10% of motorcycle rider deaths were women, although they made up the bulk of passenger deaths on bikes. Women are also more concerned about motorbike safety, with 56% of female bikers taking up formal courses in safety training compared to 44% of men.

Motorcycle deaths have been increasing; it rose by 55% since 2000 and 41 % of operator deaths did not wear helmets (CDC). Speeding is the number one cause of accidents and more than half of all deaths were people aged 40 and older.

Motorcycles are fuel-economical, beat traffic and easier to park. By following safety rules, there’s no reason why men and women should not ride motorcycles.

Guest Author: Lolita Di

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