Published On: Thu, Dec 17th, 2020

What kind of wine is pinot, and what can you serve it with?

Wine has been around since the beginning of time. We use wine now for so many different things. We use it for dinners, for bubble baths, girls night, date night, and when we are sad, there is no better cure than wine and movie night on the couch. Wine is pretty much used in all occasions. The rich and elite are wine connoisseurs, and the not rich are cool with wine bottles from the local gas station because it tastes the same.  So let’s get into what pinot is.

Pinot Grigio vs Pinot Noir.

Now in with wines, there is two different classifications of pinots. Fun fact. (Pinot means grape).

You are going to have your whites which are called Pinot Grigio and your darker red which is going to be called Pinot Noir. The preference really is up to you. 

So we are going to start out with pinot grigio.

Verwood Estate Wines advises that Pinot grigio is going to be your white wine type that you always want to keep refrigerated and served at, at least 45 degrees.

This will bring out the best of your pinot grigio. Pinot grigio might seem more of a festive wine.  Like you could find a bottle of pinot grigio at the beach or at a pool party. Which is the perfect time for canned pinot, considering most pools and beaches you cannot bring glass bottles. So what should you pair your pinot grigio with? You are going to want to pair your pinot grigio with white meats such as chicken and fish. So get you and your friends some canned pinot and have a nice summer day.

Imagine de Thomas B. de la Pixabay

Now usually when you get pinot noir you are going to be at dinner, a nighttime event, or just at home. Pinot noir pairs really well with red meats think red wine red meats. Pinot noir is also good with pasta. You are going to want to serve it not chilled You never chill red wine!

On the diet menu.

If you are counting carbs you might feel like you are going to have to cut your favorite glass of wine out! But that is actually not true. You Pinot grigio and Pinot noir are both on the keto diet menu as acceptable wines thanks for the small number of carbs that they have. So even with dieting, you can still indulge in a wine night with the girls or your favorite relaxing day. Just in moderation of course!

Facts about pinot noir and pinot grigio.

We have some interesting facts about pinot noir and pinot grigio for you. 

  1. Pinot grigio first came around in the 1300s and its original color was burgundy. As to pinot noir which is an antique wine has been around since the Roman times. 
  2. Pinot noir is going to pair better with pork and light meats. As to where pinot grigio is going to pair better with your chicken dishes and seafood.
  3. Pinot grigio is not really that well known as opposed to pinot noir which has a larger following and more people know about it. Nonetheless, pinot grigio does have some die hard fans. 
  4. Pinot noir is light and categorized as a red wine. As where pinot grigio is a light golden and is a white wine. We like to think of it since night is dark you usually drink red wine at night and since the day is light you usually drink white wines in the day. 
  5. Pinot grigio is more of a sharp acidic wine that is going to have almond undertones whereas pinot noir is much less acidic.

Now that you know a little bit more about pinot grigio and pinot noir wines grab a bottle or some cans and drink your worries away!

Author: Jacob Maslow

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