Published On: Tue, Apr 16th, 2019

What Is Virtual Assistant (AI Assistant)?

Could you be looking for an administrative assistant but you short of resources to have them within your business enterprises? Is it the space that is limited, office equipment or software unavailable, is catering for a full-time employee unmanageable or for whatever reason desire not to have some human personnel on site? Well, these are some of the realities business faces but worry not, because virtual assistant will help you run smoothly amidst may challenges you could be facing.

It beats logic first to understand who a virtual assistant is. A virtual assistant was previously known as a person who is highly skilled and offer business support services remotely. With so much work being done by machines or automated thanks to advancement in technology; the virtual assistant title is used to refer to devices that run things in a business.

In a precise way, a virtual assistant is a software or program that understand business operations alongside the natural language of man and completes tasks on voice demands and at user clicks. Ideally, they carry out tasks conventionally performed by personal assistants and secretary but now not with the use of human being but a program. A virtual assistant is also referred to as an AI assistant, Digital assistant or a smart adviser although in the latter case it provides information subject to what was input. This does not imply that no human is being involved as the program cannot run entirely on itself.

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What does a virtual assistant do?

Well, there are so many activities carried out routinely in business. This may involve a lot of communication, planning, organizing, coordinating activities just to highlight but a few things. Most business enterprises that they can use a virtual assistant to perform these task remotely or rather outside the business premises and do it effectively. The boon is that the cost incurred for hosting an employee is eliminated even when it is a person doing the work. Below are some of the tasks a virtual assistant can perform:

Clerical work; even with the age of technology where business has significantly reduced the paperwork, recording of transactions and activities are bound. The virtual assistant comes in handy as they can capture this data, record it and fill it accordingly in a file that is accessible and easy to retrieve.

Events organizing and planning; in the business or corporate environment, there are many conferences, seminars, workshops and training to either attend or prepare. A virtual assistant is an invaluable asset to a business and help do this work. From coming out with the financial requirements, organizing, planning to the scheduling of activities and the like. An AI assistant as I fore-mentioned is responsible for all secretarial duties including taking minutes, conveying messages to their recipient and so on, a virtual assistant program does this work effortlessly.

Communication; it is natural some form of communication has to be there for things to fall into place. It has been a norm secretary, or a personal aide receives and responds to calls, messages and email, direct telephone calls, book appointment, take dictation, make travel reservations, liaise with the business network, complete voice commands, and tasks, and at times act as the messenger.  There also do the book-keeping and remind their bosses about appointment among other things. This program although cannot make all human work, attempt to do a more significant fraction and has been proven to help in communication.

There following is not entirely what a virtual assistant can do. There are many other administrative and support services the program does and this just a highlight of the virtual assistant capabilities. It is worthwhile noting down that this work is done remotely via skype with the favorite virtual assistant such as Google Now, Cortana, and Alexa.

Benefits of a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant helps the business attain a professional edge in all its operations. Since this is a program that is automated, there are no errors that can be made. The software captures timely and accurate information in all business communication. Ideally, it is flawless in typing, proofreading, and editing; which gives a courtly end that boost the brand and the business as a whole that makes you shine.

There is a lot of convenience and flexibility in having a virtual assistant. First, it saves you’re the office space that would be required by an employee. This independent contractor needs no space as they work remotely from their home office. This similarly saves times and other resources too.

The functionality of the virtual assistant is unquestionable. An AI assistant offers unique services such as search engine optimization and web designing that in style with the modern day technology. This makes the business be well laid out to the outside world, be known and have a large audience – market presence. Other than this a virtual assistant is affordable; a good run for your money with a high value you will obtain thereof.

Author: Trycia Marks

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