Published On: Tue, Aug 25th, 2015

What is the Shemitah?

For fans of Jonathan Cahn and popular book, Harbinger, the Shemitah needs little explanation. That said, as the stock market crashes make headlines, the words of Cahn come ringing back loud and clear.

In simplest terms, the Shemitah is God “Sabbath Year,” like Sunday for Christians or Saturday for Jews, the Sabbath is a day of rest and focus on God. The Shemitah is a year of reliance on God, the debts are wiped out, the fields are not farmed and this “Seventh Year” becomes a moment of profound impact and change. (Deuteronomy 15, see scripture below)

Following the identification of the Harbinger prophecy Cahn identifies in Isaiah 9:10, the seven year cycle becomes blatantly clear: the terrorist attack in 2001 and the economic chaos which followed, the stock market crash of 2007 and 2008 — all points to 2015 as year to watch. (precise numbers below)

In an video last week, Cahn said that his main theme continues to be that of judgment visiting America. This will bring a “shaking” in the financial and economic realms, warning that these tremors may spread beyond the economic realm.

photo: TaxRebate.org.uk

photo: TaxRebate.org.uk

“The relations between America and Israel are at its worst. This is a dangerous sign for America. America is now pressing for a deal that Israel says will put Israel in danger. That is also ominous,” Cahn said, like the news of the day back to scripture and prophecy.

“All these things: Israel, the harbingers, the apostasy, the Shemitah, all these things are converging, and we need to take heed now.”

This year, the signs and wonders abound as a Blood Moon lands on the timeframe, as well as a solar eclipse. There have been only two other times in history when the Shemitah corresponded to a solar eclipse: 1931, Sept. 12 – 8 days later England abandoned the gold standard, triggering market crashes and financial chaos; 1987, Sept. 23 – less than a month ahead of Black Monday, the greatest percentage crach in Wall Street history.

Cahn is not a date setter and says: “In the past, this ushered in the worst collapses in Wall Street history. What will it bring this time? Again, as before, the phenomenon does not have to manifest at the next convergence. But, at the same time, and again, it is wise to take note.”

Take note? Yesterday the stock market opened down 1,000 points, recovering to a loss over 500 points. Since Thursday, the Dow is down over 1,300 points and the Chinese market is crashing again today.

Take note indeed.

Great summary of 2001, 2008 crashes:

On September 17th, 2001 (which was Elul 29 on the Jewish calendar), we witnessed the greatest one day stock market crash in U.S. history up to that time.  The Dow fell an astounding 684 points, and it was a record that held for precisely seven years until the end of the next Shemitah year.

At the end of the next Shemitah year in 2008, another horrifying stock market crash took place.  On September 29th, 2008 the Dow plummeted 777 points, which still today remains the greatest one day stock market crash of all time.  It turns out that September 29th, 2008 corresponded with Elul 29 on the Jewish calendar – the precise day when the Bible calls for a releasing of debts.

Deuteronomy 15 (NKJV):

“At the end ofeveryseven years you shall grant a releaseof debts.2 And this isthe form of the release: Every creditor who has lent anything to his neighbor shall release it; he shall not require it of his neighbor or his brother, because it is called theLord’s release. 3 Of a foreigner you may require it; but you shall give up your claim to what is owed by your brother, 4 except when there may be no poor among you; for theLord will greatly bless you in the land which the Lord your God is giving you to possessas an inheritance— 5 only if you carefully obey the voice of the Lord your God, to observe with care all these commandments which I command you today. 6 For the Lordyour God will bless you just as He promised you; you shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow; you shall reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over you.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Gentiles ( if following the Bible) were grafted into the Jewish economy…God does not change…only in vain do we follow man’s sunday traditions…The Saturday Sabbath will always be The True and only Sabbath of The Lord our God.

  2. Wayne Walton says:

    Beware of Cahn’s fear mongering. Fear is used by the devil to herd the sheep with false prophets. Jesus didn’t fear monger. He told us to “first seek the kingdom”. The shemitah isn’t something to fear. It’s a blessing of the lord for debt forgiveness. We’re forbidden to serve earthly gods(money lenders).

    “Borrower is servant to the lender”

    All humanity is in captivity because we are rebelling from the law of Moses. USURY is forbidden. Rabbi Cahn never talks about it. Deuteronomy 28:43 explains that we will be under the Curse of the Money Lenders. The same Money Lenders which made Jesus violent for their sin of usury. Our entire economic system is based upon usury. That’s why it’s so volatile. These Banksters have USURPED our government. Rothschild, the usurer, established the State of Israel starting with the Balfour Declaration in 1917.

    Why doesn’t the Rabbi expose how Jews in Israel ignore the law of Moses? Rothschild doesn’t permit debt forgiveness on his usury based loans in Israel. This is the exact hypocrisy which Jesus identified. God doesn’t want us to live in fear, hoard gold and buy guns. God wants us to be obedient to His law!

  3. Bob A. Mann says:

    This article fails to touch on any of the problems which are associated with Rabbi Cahn’s said ideas. For example, if you watch the YouTube video, The Blood Moon Theory DEBUNKED (2014-2015) by Chris White, then you will see that the Blood Moon Phenomenon has problems which need addressing by Rabbi Cahn and discussion by the reader.

  4. Gary says:

    Thank God for Jonathan Cahn, Andrew Farley, Mark Biltz and others who are revealing Gods truths. These messengers are here to warn you to get out of the “Earth Cursed Babylonian System” and into the light of Messiah/Christ. Get into the Kingdom Of God! You must believe God/Yahweh’s word and have faith. You must believe Hebrews 8:10-13 The New Covenant.

  5. Gary says:

    Rita you missed it and so many others just like you ahve too. God put you here to do one thing and one thing only. To worship Him 7 days a week, not one as you stated. You are to worship Him and praise Him everyday of your life(that He gave to you)! You are here to do His will, not yours!! Repent and ask for wisdom. He will provide if you ask. James 4:2B says and I quote: You do not have because you do not ask. God bless you ALL.

  6. Linelle says:

    God’s “Sabbath Year”
    “Cahn is not a date center”
    Should be “Cahn is not a date setter…”

    Please correct your typos. It makes the article less professional.

  7. Rita says:

    I don’t think that God is held to the Gregorian calendar. I’m sure that it didn’t exist when He created the earth. As long as you set aside one day in seven to worship Him, he is pleased.

  8. Patti says:

    I disagree with the way he explains the Sabbath. Jews on Saturdays and christians on Sunday. The Sabbath is Friday sundown till sat sundown. ..it’s not a Jewish thing it’s a G-d thing

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