Published On: Wed, Nov 18th, 2020

What is the right way to become a professional contractor?

As you can imagine, those with the most construction work experience will take priority over the rest. Since contractors are required to show licenses and permits to carry out their activities, they need to be adequately trained. In this sense, taking the Class c contractor license VA is an ideal opportunity. Sometimes these licenses are granted by the county or municipality, but they are sometimes given at the state level. Having this license will surely facilitate your job and career growth.

To obtain the required degree, construction professionals must pass one or more licensing exams in various areas, such as construction law, business administration, and others. So they can learn about contracts, tenders, know the tax and labor requirements in each work, and have knowledge about environmental safety. Other things that may be necessary to practice are financial statements, letters of reference, and insurance. In summary, how do I obtain my general contractor license?

  • Decide on the type of license you want to obtain,
  • Choose a specialty if you wish,
  • Choose a name for your company and register it,
  • Pass the contractor exam,
  • Obtain the required insurance,
  • Pass a background check.

Getting training

Contractors need a lot of training, and there are several ways to get it. There are vocational training programs and degree programs in construction management. They are offered at universities and other higher education institutions at the associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s levels. The construction management course includes knowledge and training in mathematics, physics, construction materials and methods, surveying, construction, and design plans and measurements.

But how long can it take you to become a contractor? There is no direct answer, as it depends on which path you want to become a contractor. You can learn with work experience and with an apprenticeship to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to obtain your license. Or you could take a more academic path and earn a bachelor’s degree in construction management. Depending on the route you choose, becoming a contractor could take between 3 and 5 years.

Types of contractor qualifications

It is a short program, generally lasting a maximum of one year, and offering students technical information about the industry. It serves as preparation for later programs. Contractor certifications are awarded in construction management, construction engineering technology, building systems, and others.

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Associate Contractor Certification

An associate degree in construction management is an excellent option for those who aspire to be contractors. It lasts two years and provides useful tools. You can take it online. Some associates or degrees offer students the opportunity to find work more quickly.

Construction jobs in the most significant demand in the US

Now that you know how to become a contractor, and find construction jobs, look at the construction jobs with the highest demand to find the inspiration you need.

  •  Contractor Bachelor

Contractors with a bachelor’s degree will always have an advantage over those who have completed shorter courses. The bachelor’s degree takes almost four years to complete, but it’s worth it. If you want to become a contractor recognized throughout the country for their work quality, you can do it with a bachelor’s degree.


  • Landscape Architect


They are designers who have the necessary training to create functional spaces but visually attractive outdoors. They can work in commercial establishments and residential settings, as well as with college campuses and parks.


  • Green Project Contractor 


They are construction managers with the full capacity to create or restoring buildings with recycled, sustainable, and environmentally friendly materials.


  • Construction inspector


Building inspectors monitor and inspect buildings before and after construction and, most importantly, ensure that they comply with all permits, codes, ordinances, and other regulations.


  • Master carpenter


Master carpenters are capable of building parts and equipment with raw materials, both for interior and exterior. Private businesses, homeowners, and construction companies are often looking for a great master carpenter.

How to find construction jobs?

Once you obtain your contractor’s license and meet all the requirements explained in the previous sections, it is time to search for construction jobs in your area. Where to start? See if your local city or county building inspector can post your contact information in their office. They frequently receive requests from owners and businesses looking for trusted contractors.

Instead of looking for contractor jobs, let people find you. Sign up for websites used by consumers looking for contractors for specific projects. These sites allow you to make your name and your business visible to thousands of potential customers. If you Google “how to find contractor jobs,” you’ll see there are millions of results. If you aren’t ready to go it alone, meet with an established contractor willing to hire you as an apprentice. Hands-on experience is one of the best ways to hone your craft, even if you already have a contractor’s license or a construction management degree.

Author: Louise Campos

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