Published On: Sun, Jun 30th, 2019

What is the PRINCE2 Foundation exam?

PRINCE2 is a very critical and important methodology used for project management. As the companies are looking to streamline their project management works by having more and more experienced and certified project team members and managers, the importance of appearing for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam is becoming pivotal as the time progresses. There was a time when there were no strict guidelines to follow when it comes to managing, executing, and delivering results from a project. But, now for a project manager as well as the team member of that project, you need to have a sound knowledge about it if you want to ensure growth in your career. 

PRINCE2 Foundation Examination Format

  • 60 Questions
  • 60 Minutes allocated to answer
  • 33 out of 60 is required to pass which means 55%
  • Closed book
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What is the PRINCE2 Process?

Before proceeding further with the qualities one get through this exam and the benefits it adds to an individual’s career, let’s have a look at what exactly is this PRINCE2 methodology or process that some would term it. PRINCE2® is basically a 7-stage process which a project manager has to follow in order to complete a project successfully and deliver the result for the company. The following are those 7-stages that a project manager will have to follow in PRINCE2 methodology. 

Start the Project: At the beginning of a project, the project manager will have to plan the entire curriculum which will lead to a positive conclusion of the project. It should be done in the beginning in order to avoid chaos and hassle. Also, it is always better to have multiple plans ready to tackle any adverse situation arising. 

Initiation of the Project: Once the planning of the project is done, it is time to gather the resource and initiate the project. So, there could be multiple resources required to execute a project. This will be that very stage where the project manager has to bring all his resources under one roof and start the actual journey toward the accomplishment of the final result. 

Directing the Project: A project manager’s role is to direct the project. He is the leader of the team and his role is to direct the resources to the right place so that it can give the results desired from it and in this stage, the role of the project manager is to act as the proper leader and give right calls so that the resources get used in a proper fashion. 

Control Stages: This is that stage of the project where the first draft of the final result is already in front. The job of the project manager is to assure the quality of the outcome. He will have to control the stages and do quality-check so that the kind of project or service desired from that project is achieved, and the outcome exceeds that expectation or at least matches it. 

Managing the Product Delivery: This is a very vital stage in the entire PRINCE2 methodology because even if a top class product is created, unless and until it is delivered, the product is of no use. So, the duty of the project manager in this stage would be to manage the delivery of the outcome from the project. 

Manage Stage Boundary: The duty of the project manager in this stage would be to ensure that all the products are delivered and approved successfully. As it is the penultimate stage in the project, the project manager should review the entire project and learn from the experience and share to all the board members of the organization. 

Closing the Project: Just as the initiation of the project is very important, so as the closing of the project. So, in the final stage, the project manager has to close the project successfully and move on for the next big task in hand. 

Hence, this is basically the 7-stage process of the PRINCE2 methodology. The application of this methodology while executing projects has given fantastic dividends for the organizations and that is why most of the companies nowadays are looking for professionals who have at least appeared in the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam and cleared it. It just makes the entire project management so easy because when the team members are aware of the principals then they can follow the leader in a much better way.  

Qualities Achieved through PRINCE2 Foundation Exam

  • When you understand the fundamentals and the principles of the PRINCE2 methodology, you will surely become a key member of the team of any project. 
  • As business is a dynamic sector, by knowing the PRINCE2 principals and clearing the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam, you will be able to adapt to the changes in a far better way than others. 
  • Every company wants employees who can become an asset and add value to the company and by clearing the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam; you will be able to become such a valuable part of the company.

Benefits of Clearing PRINCE2 Foundation Exam

  • If you want to gain significant growth in your stagnant career then clearing PRINCE2 Foundation Exam will help you to do so as you will find newer opportunities in the job market. 
  • You will understand what is going on in a project in a far better way and so, you will be able to contribute more to the project which can easily lead you to the prosperity in your career. 
  • As you will learn from the experience which is one of the PRINCE2 principals, you will improve at a far better pace than your fellow colleagues and therefore, your career will grow in a faster way. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, clearing the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam can be a vital cog in your career as it will give you career the impetus it needs to grow. Therefore, you should go ahead and prepare for this exam and clear it. Once you do that, you can rest assured your career graph will have an upward movement.

Author: Tushar Savkar

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