Published On: Wed, Jan 20th, 2021

What is the Price of Getting an MMJ Card?

The medical marijuana card price varies among the different states in the USA, and it also depends on a host of factors. 

To obtain an MMJ card, the first thing you must do is meet with a medical marijuana doctor for a consultation. Once that is done, if the doctor deems it necessary, you can be approved for using medical marijuana. The physician must be registered with your state’s medical marijuana program. 

Some physicians may offer a free consultation. But, many of them do not, so it is better to be prepared! 

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If the physician approves you for the use of marijuana for medical reasons, they will make a recommendation. You can then use the recommendation in your application to the medical marijuana program in the state where you live. You must be a resident of the state in which you apply. As already mentioned, the cost for the application fee varies from state to state. Thus, it is recommended that you look up the program in your respective state.. The fee is also paid every year in most states and needs to be paid each year for the renewal of the registry card. In some states, the MMJ card is only renewed every other year. 

Insurance coverage

One thing that you must keep in mind is that your medical or health insurance will not cover expenses for medical marijuana treatment. This is  because the efficacy of such treatments is yet to be proven by large clinical research studies.

Buying MMJ products

In some states, through the state database of MMJ applicant details, the local dispensaries will have the information about your prescription. So you can procure your medicinal marijuana and any ancillary items that may be required, from them. You must understand what the cost will be; and the products and the amount of marijuana that you purchase, will affect the total cost. However, having a MMJ card can save you a lot of money, because MMJ patients are exempt from paying the high sales tax placed on recreational marijuana products. 

Even the dispensary you choose will affect the cost. There are online databases from which you can get a rough idea about the costs of various items like the cost of a gram of buds can cost anything between $5 to $20, an ounce of buds can cost between $200 and $400. Products enriched with hash oils or waxes, with higher concentrations of THC, may cost more; in the range of $60 per gram approximately. There are also edible marijuana products that cost around $2 to $5 per dose. Marijuana tinctures that are basically liquid concentrates sell for approximately $15 to $50 per ounce in bottles. Last but not least, depending on the method of ingestion, there may be a need for equipment or paraphernalia like vaping pens if you are planning on vaping the medication. These pieces of equipment will increase the cost accordingly. Cost will vary depending on your location and the stores in your area.

Author: Terra Wilder

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