Published On: Sun, Aug 2nd, 2020

What Is the Influence of Rap Music in the World Today?

The world of music is in a constant state of flux and this is just as true with rap music as it is with other forms of music as well. Those who have been paying attention to the news recently have probably noticed the social justice movements are taking place all over the world. One of the forces behind this movement is rap music, powered by Rap TV. While this is one of the most prominent examples of how rap music is influencing the world, there are others as well.

The killings of unarmed African-American individuals at the hands of police has been a sticking point for a long time. Now, it appears that it has finally boiled over. Why has this happened? The power of video has put these killings on display for the entire world to see. This has led to numerous artists sharing their feelings on the issue through rap music. With rap music leading the way, many people feel like they have been called to action by many of the artists they have come to love. This is one way that rap music is influencing the world.

R. Kelly at the premiere of Trapped in the Closet Chapter 13-22 2007 photo/ Andrew Steinmetz

Another way that rap music is influencing others involves stories of rags to riches. In many songs that have been authored by prominent rap artists, they share stories of their childhood. They talk about what it was like to grow up in a disadvantaged situation. Then, they go to share how they worked hard to pull themselves out of that situation and come up with ways to make it in the world. Many people feel inspired to action by these stories and they follow in the footsteps of these artists, looking for ways to improve their lives and the lives of their family members as well.

Finally, rap music is also influencing the world by inspiring others to pursue a career in music. Thanks to social media, people are able to share their work with the world with the push of a button. This means that many young rap artists have been able to share their music with others easily. In the past, artists looking to make it in rap music would need the help of a publicist to get their work out there. Now, this is no longer the case. Social media has changed the way that people see rap music, serving as an example for others.

These are just a few of the biggest ways in which rap music is influencing the world today. It will be interesting to see where rap music goes from here. Without a doubt, this industry has been a force for good.

Author: Jacob Maslow



Image by Philipp Ruch from Pixabay

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