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What is SMS marketing and how does it work?

Surviving in this cut-throat business world is tough and complex. All businesses whether new or old, use different marketing and promotion methods to make their presence known to customers and consumers. It is the way to sell your product effectively and efficiently. You will find that people are using different marketing strategies like advertising, brochures, digital marketing, and SMS marketing for doing it.

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Nowadays, phone usage is very high as compared to a decade back. Every second person owns a mobile phone. And so, the trend of SMS marketing has gained popularity. Sending promotional ads to customers mobile is the best way to market your product. With the help of SMS marketing, you can send a bulk promotional message to a mass customer base at a time. This not only saves time but is also the cheapest way to promote a business or the product of a company.

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing or short message service marketing is nothing but sending a text message to customers who gave consent to receive such messages. The messages can be about updates, upcoming competitions, promotional codes, and alerts. It is the very effective tool to get in touch with your customers effectively.

SMS marketing involves some rules and regulations. You must know that sending a promotional message to customers without consent is an offense. Companies and businesses need to take permission from customers to send messages regularly specifically. There must also be the option for unsubscribing from the service if they want.

Tips to Do SMS marketing

Before sending the SMS, do keep in mind these useful tips. It will help you to keep track of the niche customers easily.

  • Use of mobile phone is at an all-time high right now. So, sending across a simple text is an easy way to connect with customers and retain your brand name. They read the text message instantly as compared to emails. Just make sure that you are sending the SMS, at the right time and to the right person.
  • Before sending the mass messages to make sure that you have added your company name in it. Most brands send text messages without adding their name to it. This can confuse and alienate existing customers
  • Get the list of niche customers who want to buy your products and send the message to target them specifically. Selection of unwanted words in the message is nothing but wastage of time and money.

Why is SMS marketing effective for your product?

Marketing is a very important tool to launch a product. Here you can find a guide to SMS marketing which will help to promote your business. It is the best way because of the following reasons:

  • Closely related to E-mails – E-mails and SMS are related to the same family. They both work in the same manner, but emails are lengthy than SMS. Text messaging is instant messaging and readable without consuming too much time.
  • The presence of smartphones – Nowadays, smartphones are popular. Everyone owns one or even more than one phone. People spend most of their time on phones, so reading SMS is easy. Send the SMS with a promotional link so that they can instantly check out what is on offer.
  • A good engagement rate with customers – SMS are an excellent way to engage the customer with your product. Interested customer can easily reach out and buy whatever they want to. Promotional code offers a discount which attracts many people.
  • The rapidly growing market – The scope of SMS marketing is growing day by day. Most of the companies find it comfortable and the fastest way to announce product promotions. Customers do not have to be connected to the internet to view the messages.

How the idea of SMS marketing works?

SMS marketing works through shortcode numbers instead of regular phone numbers. These codes comprise of five to six-digit numbers and are linked to one or several senders. You should not include your company name in that. Most countries have and use shortcodes to encourage and promote SMS marketing for businesses. This is the best strategy to avoid the crowd – a single code for many senders.

You can send out two types of messages through SMS. They are: –

  • Campaign messages – It is used for bulk messaging. These are used to send a coupon, code, alerts, event details, and weather information. The main target of such messages is the mass population to make them aware of something.
  • Transactional messages – These are the person to person messages also called one to one messages. Transactional messages are sent to the selected customer and not the mass. For example, e-commerce messages to confirm purchase and shipment updates. The idea is to send relevant information to a person at a specific time.

Who takes advantage of SMS marketing?

The following people use SMS marketing for promoting their products.

  • E-commerce stores to inform about order confirmation and shipment
  • Travel companies to promote travel plans and exciting offers.
  • Businesses which require an appointment to be fixed beforehand
  • Big companies who have a huge workforce of more than 100

Wrapping things up

SMS marketing is a major strategy to promote new products, existing product, and innovative ideas. With just one click the message can be sent to many people. Exciting offers and attractive discounts not only keep the customers engaged but they can also turn into regulars. For example, Dominos or Pizza Hut and other pizza selling outlets offer promotional codes to customers SMS.

It is an easy way to establish a connection with the customer. However, always remember the time and specific customer whom you want to send the message. Getting the time right is vital as many countries do not allow sending commercial messages after 10 pm and on Sundays or any holidays. If you do not take care of this, it can invite a lawsuit from the customer who is not good news for any business.

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