Published On: Tue, Oct 15th, 2019

What Is Programming? What Are The Perks Of Being A Freelance Programmer?

The businesses in current times are shifting from offline to online. Almost every business has a social media account, application, website, etc. dedicated to their products or services. And all of this is possible because of digitization. 

Digitization refers to the process of converting data into digital format. And who can do that perfectly? Yes, it is the programmers or coders who build a website, software, mobile application, etc. and write codes to tell them what to do. So, the relationship between digitization and programming is directly proportional, i.e. if digitization increases, the demand for programmers will automatically increase. 

Now is the best time to opt for becoming a coder than ever. It does not matter if you like working alone or in a team, programming offers both. As a freelance programmer, you can code while sitting in your home, and as a professional, you can work in the office with a cool environment. 

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How Can You Learn Programming?

The best part about programming is that you do not need to go to a university for multiple years. You can sit at your home and learn through blogs/YouTube channels, forums, books, online courses, learning path, etc. whenever you want. 

  • Online Courses: Programming is a wide area. You can be a back-end developer, front-end developer, data scientist, data analyst, iOS developer, Android developer, etc. The benefit of learning online is that you can adjust your learning hours according to you. Some courses allow you to watch videos repeatedly to clear all your doubts. Another benefit is that you can choose from a number of online courses based on your interest. Lastly, the courses come with a comparatively low fee. 
  • Blogs/ YouTube Channels: This option is for those who are just exploring to know whether programming excites them. You can watch thousands of videos online or read hundreds of blogs to understand the world of coding. YouTube can show you videos of ex-Googlers, coding marathons, programming veterans showing you how to solve a specific issue in your coding language.
  • Learning Path: Unlike online courses, you can choose a learning path. You can choose to learn deeply about a topic from a series of different courses. Learning through learning path is supremely easy and suitable everyone regardless of their schedule. Opting for a learning path learning method here will not only let you learn for the experienced experts but also prepare you for freelance or office jobs.

1. Abundance Of Work

One of the major benefits of being a freelance programmer is that there is an abundance of work available in the market with a shortage of programmers. If you want to work for multiple companies or on projects, you will never run out of options to choose from. 

2. Continuous Training

Working as a freelancer lets you work and learn at the same time. If you are a pro in one language, adding another one would just increase your pay. Additionally, working on projects of different companies would make you an expert on different aspects of the same language.

3. Remote Work Rules

Freelancing allows you to work from your home office, co-working space or even a coffee shop. The benefits of working from home are many from skipping lengthy commute, wearing anything to letting you work whenever you want. Additionally, it will save you money, as you do not have to commute to work.  

4. Being Your Own Boss

This is extremely important if you do not like being told how to do a certain thing. If you work under a boss, you will need to ask your boss before making decisions, big or small. But if you work as a freelance, you can decide for yourself. 

5. Higher Salary

If you have ample experience and an awesome portfolio, working as a freelancer will fetch you more hourly pay than in an organization. Additionally, freelancing lets you work on multiple projects, letting you earn more. 


Based on your interest, you can choose to work as a front-end developer, back-end developer, data analyst, data scientist, iOS developer, android developer, WordPress theme designer, etc. There are multiple benefits associated with working as a freelancer. However, if you choose to work in an office, you can gain from the experts, interact with other coders, and build relationships. The office environment for a programmer is unlike a typical office where you can come in wearing casual clothes, work while sitting on couches/beanbags, binge eat the free snacks, and share a friendly relationship with your co-workers and bosses. 

Whether you work as a freelancer or are an employee of a firm, you are sure to earn a lot of money while doing what you love. 

Author: Fakhar Ali

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