Published On: Tue, Jul 16th, 2019

What is Link Building? A Beginner’s Guide

Link building is the sophisticated art and science of expanding the depth of your content. It’s the extending of the reach of your content through the building of quality links to your page. Brands often reach out to publishers and media outlets across relevant niches to promote their content through link building. 

When the connection is organic and the link is not forced, Google sees this as a positive indicator of SEO health and ranks the page higher for a group of keywords. The relevancy match of your content is made that much faster when quality links are pointing to your domain and page. Link building is best accomplished by having an ongoing campaign to produce and promote the content on your platform.

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How search engines understand links

Search engines use links to understand the context behind the written text. Since search bots scour through trillions of pages at a time, they use the concept of connected links to understand what is written. Brands can get a free SEO audit via sites like LinkGraph io to understand the depth of their current link-building portfolio.

A well-researched article on a certain niche may rank higher, as more publishers, blogs, and outlets link back to it. The article may then rank higher for a search query or keyword that a user may type. It’s one of the top-ranking factors in SEO, as it gives Google and Bing more context about what its being presented to the user.

Link-building to improve SEO

Many digital marketers start with on-page SEO and link building to boost SERP rankings. Link building is one of the top methods of improving SEO rankings, as it delivers in an expedited fashion. Google gets to learn more about a certain web page, as more platforms start linking to it. This gives search-bots more information about the trustworthiness of a website and its content.

To improve SEO through link-building, it’s important to design highly-engaging content on your website. Brands can develop written content, industry papers, research insights, infographics, videos and other forms of content that can rank higher for certain keywords/queries.

As the content is being developed, it’s important to have an outreach campaign designed, as well. These campaigns help marketers reach out to the right publishing outlets, media sites, and blogs to link back to the owned piece of content.

Marketers can also opt for online promotion through certain sites and publishing outlets, so that they link back to the original piece of content on your page. This helps drive the initial push that the content needs to rank higher for certain keywords.

Things to remember

The domain authority of the link also counts for a lot when it comes to building your SEO portfolio. Google ranks higher quality links from reputed platforms, such as those with “.edu” or https protocols. It’s best to get links to your content from websites that rank higher for industry keywords themselves.

There is a difference between follow and no-follow links, which search engine crawlers can pick-up while scanning a website. Search engines have been instructed not to count no-follow links towards SEO ranking. That’s why it’s best to get a “follow” link to your website through your link building activities.

Using the right anchor text makes all the difference in your SEO efforts. If the content has contextual anchor texts (that link to your website), then the search engines will see that as a high-quality integration. Web crawlers will see your own website as a reputed source and will rank your content higher for other similar keywords, as well. 

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