Published On: Wed, Aug 26th, 2020

What Is Better: Whey Isolate Or Concentrate

We all could use more protein, especially if you are looking to build more muscle!

Protein powder is something that is widely discussed in the health world, especially around what types of protein are better, especially whey isolate vs concentrate protein powder.

The answer is not so straightforward, even though both actually come from milk!

What really makes these proteins so different is the process they go through while transitioning from milk to protein powder. Whey isolate has a much more intense transition process, which ultimately eliminates more of the calories and carbs so that there can be more concentrated protein. Concentrate protein powder still has lots of protein too, but there are more of the calories and carbs are thrown into the mix as well.

But as we have alluded to before, the answer to this question is a bit more complicated and we really need to dive into what both whey isolate and concentrate protein powders are.

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Whey protein powder

Whey Protein Concentrate:

This type of protein powder comes from milk. But what makes this protein powder so unique is the way it is transformed into powder. Rather the protein from the milk is captured, it is filtered so that your muscles get a very pure form of protein. The rationale for micro-filtered protein is because it allows for more of the amino acids to remain, where when it is heated, many of them disappear. The resulting substance is a powder that is very easy to blend with any liquid and gives the drinker a very smooth product.

 This is one of the main reasons why whey protein concentrate is so popular. That, plus the benefits it provides. Top benefits of using whey protein concentrate include:

  •   Provides you with enhanced muscle growth
  •   Provides you with faster muscle repair
  •   Has a nutritional breakdown of being very low on both fats and carbohydrates while still having all of the key amino acids
  •   Allows you to build lean muscle
  •   Is easy to digest and tastes really good

But what’s in whey protein concentrate? It really depends on the brand who is making the protein, as the actual protein percentage in the concentrate can range from 30%-80%–that is a huge difference! So if you are considering using whey protein concentrate, do your research to fully understand the ingredients and nutritional breakdown.

Whey Protein Isolate:

This form of protein is too overlooked, especially in the sporting world. But what many people do not realize is how much protein this powder can pack in. In fact, many forms of whey protein isolate hold more than concentrate. For many brands, whey protein isolate contains up to 90% of protein. That is enormous!

The reason that whey protein isolates are able to get so much protein is because of the way it is made. The filtration process, often known as “crossflow microfiltration”, is able to separate all of the protein from the lactose and fat. This allows for a very pure form of protein that all health enthusiasts love! Plus, for those that have the sensitivity to lactose, this form of protein powder is often recommended because there is little to no lactose found in this powder.

One of the biggest perks to how whey protein isolate is formed is the ease in which your body can break it down and digest it. This means that the protein you consume will quickly come into play and help your body be stronger!

Benefits that this form of protein powder offers includes:

  •   Minimal amounts of carbs, calories or fats with the maximum amount of protein
  •   Easily absorbed and friendly to those with dairy allergies
  •   Tastes great acts fast and have all the amino acids your body needs to grow muscles

So what one should you choose?

Both Whey Isolate and Concentrate Protein Powder have massive benefits and both contain high levels of protein! The main difference really boils down to the number of carbs and lactose they contain. But of course, price is always a different factor as well, as isolate tends to be a bit pricier because of the more tedious transformation process.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to what your own personal fitness goals are. If you are just wanting to build lean muscle and are on a really strict diet, whey isolate protein might be best suited for you. But if you are not as strict with your diet or wanting to bulk in general, whey concentrate protein might give you the results you want.

The good news is, both are jam-packed with protein so no matter what one you choose, your body will get a ton of protein to grow your muscles and stay strong!

It is always advisable to chat to a sports nutritionist to really see what form of protein powder will complement your diet and exercise routine. 

Author: Jacob Maslow

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