Published On: Wed, Apr 3rd, 2019

What is a plagiarism checker and why is it useful?

A plagiarism checker is a software that detects any instances of content that matches another material on the web. It is good because if you use, you will be sure there is no risk of plagiarism accusations. But many students tend to shy away from using such software. They may have a self-driven surety that their work is 100 percent original.

However, little known to many, a plagiarism checker is handy. It is not about testing your honesty. Humans are naturally prone to flaws. And from time to time, you may make mistakes that you never intended to commit. So, a plagiarism checker can detect those errors and let you know if any material is in any way similar to pages on the web. Here are several instances that show the usefulness of a plagiarism checking tool.

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They usually give a percentage match

If you have crafted content that matches or is similar to a page on the web, the plagiarism checking tool gives you the percentage in which your material matches the one on the already published. For example; a student can use a tool that checks plagiarism to ascertain that their assignments are up to the accepted percentage.

So, by using a plagiarism checking tool, you avoid those nasty meetings with your tutor due to the high percentage of copied content and also helps avert any accusations of plagiarism. You do not want to get yourself in trouble by neglecting the help from a plagiarism checking tool. Utilize Plagramme for great results.

They make it easy to see what is plagiarized

Look: if you use Google to check your paper, it can be a very challenging task because you will not spot where you made the flaws. But whenever you use a plagiarism checking tool, it will exactly show you the content which has copied. Thus, you get to know where you went wrong quickly and make the necessary amendments because if you fail to amend there could be consequences of plagiarizing (copyright.laws.com/copyright-laws/legal-consequences-of-plagiarism).

These tools have more resources compared to those Google can offer

You will agree that it is time-consuming and a lot of work to check through the internet for plagiarized work paragraph by paragraph. On the other hand, a plagiarism checker will have more resources and a better database suitable for cross-referencing.

For example; there are specific articles or even books that are not published online but are part of the plagiarism checking software databases. Some plagiarism checking software also goes to the extent of searching against huge records of past submissions from other learners. Anytime you think of using Google to check paragraph by paragraph for any plagiarism issues, think twice.

Bottom line

Finally, plagiarism checking software is your last line of defense for all cases of plagiarism including accidental plagiarism. Mistakes occur and will continue to happen no matter how honest and hardworking you might be. Just take time and scrutinize your content using a plagiarism tool to be sure of originality and eventually the best grades that you have been dreaming about.

Author: Lee Sadawski

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