Published On: Wed, Oct 31st, 2018

What is a baritone ukulele and where to find the top ones?

Anyone unfamiliar with ukuleles may be surprised to learn that there are actually four different types, rather than just one standard uke. A baritone ukulele is the largest, and it’s strings are D G B and E, while the soprano, concert and tenor ukes have strings G C E and A. The result is that a baritone ukulele makes a lower, warmer, and somehow more relaxing sound than other types.

Although baritone ukuleles are becoming better known and more sought after, they are still not as popular as their counterparts, so there are fewer choices overall.

Where to find the top baritone ukuleles

Finding the right baritone uke for you may well mean shopping around and researching both online selling sites and music shops. Amazon sell them of course, and that means there are bound to be customer reviews which you can use to get an honest opinion of the product in the flesh, so to speak, but don’t forget to check out the specialist online musical instrument sellers, as well as the online sites of physical music stores. If you have a shop in the local area you can always pop by there too and see if they have any baritone ukes in stock.

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Know what you want

Before shopping take a look at what is available and decide which features appeal to you. These may include:

  •          The overall look of the uke – this is an investment so it should almost take your breath away and make you desperate to touch, hold and play it.
  •          The finish – are you set on wood which is a more premium look, or could you live with laminate?
  •         Your budget – baritone ukuleles can range quite dramatically in price depending on a whole host of factors which influence costs. As they are bigger than other ukes they will always be more expensive, but how much more is down to you. It’s common practice for those new to baritone ukes or with guitar experience to start at the cheaper end and get used to the differences before looking at higher end models.
  •         The tone – the quality and volume of sound a baritone uke makes is also not standard across all models, and it largely depends on the material used. Ideally it would be best to see a uke you like in person before buying, but whether or not that is possible you should definitely read plenty of reviews from various sources, and look at ukulele focused forums, where you can ask any questions you may have.
  •         The brand – Kala are a well established brand in the world of ukuleles, and one of the top sellers. Alvarez makes well priced models designed especially for learners, while Oscar Schmidt also has different models aimed at players with different levels of skill and experience.

Taking a little time to find the best baritone ukulele for your current circumstances will pay dividends, so don’t rush it!

Author: Gary Wilson

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