Published On: Mon, Feb 17th, 2020

What is 4K and How to Edit 4K Videos Easily on Windows/Mac

With rapid advancement in technology, the High Definition (HD) video era is simply replaced by 4K videos. Since the advent of Ultra High Definition (UHD), we’ve seen incredible scenes that showcase the power of 4K videos. In fact, it’s extremely difficult to find next-gen devices which don’t support 4K UHD. Let’s dive in to understand more about 4K UHD.

What Is 4K UHD?

In simple terms, 4K UHD has a resolution of four times that of a Full HD (FHD). FHD fits 2 million pixels whereas 4K UHD fits 8 million pixels in the same space by making the pixels 4 times smaller. This results in 4K UHD having a much better image and even better color. 

Why We Suggest 4K Videos?

We have ample reasons as to why you should shoot your next video in 4K resolution.


  • 4K video gives a better-finished product:


4K video captures four times more information resulting in sharper and better-looking images.


  • 4K video gives more options:


Apart from the quadrupled resolution, it lets you zoom, eliminates jump-cuts, pan and zoom a still shot. 


  • 4K video gives better stability:


4K video usually yields software stabilized videos, without much loss in image quality. 


  • Storage options getting cheaper:


With storage options like pen drives, hard drives getting fairly cheaper, it is easier to meet the demands of a 4K video.

Be it any kind of video – Party, Travel, GoPro, Drone, and iPhone, 4K videos is the way to go ahead. These videos can be used to generate any content on almost all leading platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Snapchat, Google drive, and iCloud drive. 

photo courtesy of Videoproc.com

4K Video Challenges

Despite of all the above-mentioned advantages, many users stick to 1080p only. The possible problems that they may face when it comes to 4K video editing are common and recurring such as length, size, format, resolution, direction, and frame of the video. 

Users have always found it easier to deal with UHD or 1080p videos. Because of this, switching to 4K videos has been difficult for users. Also, the fact that they are relatively new, has delayed user’s adaption to the new technology.

Also, you might want to upgrade your devices because of the extra resolution. From memory cards to hard drives, displays to computers, you might want to change the devices depending on your needs. But importantly, you need to prepare yourself at least in terms of storage, display and computer requirements before getting into the world of 4K videos. 

Now answering the most important question, can only professionals create mind-blowing 4K videos? Certainly not, if you have the right 4K video editing tool, then anyone can create engaging videos. This leads to the next question, which is the best 4K video editing tool?

One of Best 4K Video Editing Tool – VideoProc

After a lot of research, we found one tool which conveniently works on all formats, with the desired features and functionalities. VideoProc, one of the best tools to edit your 4K videos, is the only full GPU accelerated 4K video editing software powered by Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA. It is a one-stop solution to cut, crop, merge and add effects to your 4K videos. 

From merging different video file formats to changing the aspect ratio, from subtitles to adding preset visual effects, VideoProc has it all. Whether you are a novice or a professional, VideProc’s 4K video editing software makes life easier for everyone. Not only it streamlines your workflow, but it also has the flexibility to work with videos shot from various sources such as GoPro, DJI, Android, iPhone or any other 4K camera. VideoProc can also helps you compress videos in 6 ways, such as downscale 4K to 1080p, adjust video parameters, convert video codec to HEVC, etc. 

Moreover, having a built-in media downloader engine, VideoProc supports over 1000 audio-video sites. The interface is extremely intuitive which makes video processing very easy. And it also lets you to record anything on your desktop and iOS screen for free.

Final Words

With no loss in the quality of the video while editing, VideoProc helps in preserving the originality in any format you want. It accelerates the whole video editing process by making maximum use of Level-3 GPU acceleration. You can also easily use this video processing software to  download, editing and converting videos in few clicks.

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