Published On: Fri, Feb 17th, 2017

What Important leadership skills help to make a great CEO?

Whether you own your own business, or run a top producing Fortune 500 corporation, the makings of a great CEO rest entirely on your ability to lead effectively. Without exception, your approach to leadership will directly impact your team’s performance and outcomes. In fact, a recent study conducted by the Gallup Organization revealed the single most important factor in productivity was employee engagement. The study went on to say that leadership’s lack of ability to create and maintain engagement results in the loss of billions of dollars annually.  It’s no wonder executive coaching is one of the fastest growing industries within the business community.  Although leadership styles vary, there are a few skillsets that every successful leader shares.


Transparency is merely the practice of honesty within the workplace.  It’s a sign of integrity and employees respond positively to a CEO that is willing to lead by example and hold themselves accountable to the same standards they oblige upon their team.

Active Listening

We’ve all had the torturous experience of sitting in employee focus groups or completing tedious surveys aimed at improving office culture, only to find that no action is taken by the company.  It’s crucial to ask for feedback from your employees to improve moral and working conditions, but it’s even more imperative that you take timely action on those items.  It doesn’t mean you’ll employ all suggestions, but formally address the concerns and let them know what you can do. Without taking action, you are only drawing attention to a problem and then showing your staff you have no intention of fixing the problem.

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Ability to Communicate Purpose and Meaning

This skillset is about getting everyone on board with what the team is trying to accomplish.  To do this, you must be able to effectively communicate the “why”. As you communicate these long-term goals, be wary of speaking only in broad terms. They’ve got to understand both big picture, but also specifically how it is you plan to lead them there and what their role will be.


As a CEO there is a never-ending onslaught of  daily details being hurled at you before you’ve taken your first swig of coffee.  Great leaders are able to sift through the noise and spend 80 percent of their time on tasks that directly impact an explicit goal you have set. It’s easy to become distracted by the little emergencies you think take priority, but the reality is, it’s the big stuff that will determine your course.


Delegation is not just a logistical necessity, it’s also an unparalleled form of respect.  A manager who doesn’t trust their staff to perform well produces burn outs, not to mention a palpable tension in the work space that ultimately results in a total loss of personal accountability. Rather than assuming your team can’t, what if you demonstrated to them that you believed they could?  By awarding your team with responsibilities, you are essentially showing them how much you believe they are capable of excelling in their roles.

Along with leadership characteristics, these skills will help to maximize your experience and effectiveness as a CEO and hopefully improve employee satisfaction within your organization.  A thriving business is not out of reach with the right team and mindset.

Author: Anwar Hossain

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