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What happens to Jesus Christ after his brutal murder

There was then an earthquake, and the hill of rock where the crucifixion took place was split, and twenty-four graves at the Mt. of Olives cemetery were disrupted and exposed (“marked”). 

A Roman soldier pierced Yeshua’s side, up through His heart, to be certain that Yeshua was dead.  Yeshua’s blood (and some water) came gushing down His side and legs, down the cross, and poured into the crack of the rock.  It continued to stream down twenty-three more feet and dripped upon the West end of the Arc of the Covenant, which had been hidden in a chamber in Mt. Moriah by Jeremiah, about 614 years earlier when Jerusalem was under siege by Babylon.

Yeshua was dead, as the sunset was approaching, and He was taken down by a man named Joseph (of Aramathea), put in a new tomb, and he rolled a big stone to cover the entrance.  Then Joseph left the area.  This is all what “the women” saw before they also left the area, thinking that Yeshua had not yet received a proper burial with spices.  What they didn’t see was that Joseph later returned with Nicodemus, and properly prepared Yeshua’s body.  Since the women did not see this, they would come again early Sunday morning to try to complete the burial.

Nothing happened the next day, which was Thursday the 29th, a High Sabbath, which began the moadim of Unleavened Bread.  On Friday, the women spent their day gathering spices and oils to use on the following Sunday for Yeshua.  However, the Temple priests, remembering that Jesus said that He would rise in three days, asked Pilate to “seal” the tomb of Jesus, in order to prevent His disciples from stealing His body.  A Roman “seal” was not a stamp or just cementing the edges of the boulder.  It was drilling two or more holes thru the stone and into the sides of the tomb, and pouring hot lead into the holes, and inserting iron spikes.  Also, a rotating detachment of armed Roman guards were put on duty to watch the tomb until Sunday afternoon.

Jesus Christ portraitHowever, roughly 5:20 PM on Wednesday the 28th, Jesus was put in the tomb.  On Saturday the 1st of May, at about 5:21 PM, Jesus arose with His glorified body, and exited thru the walls of the tomb, unseen by the guards.  After sunset, which began the first day of the week, an angel came down, rolled away the stone, shearing the metal spikes, and sat upon the stone.  This about scared the Roman guards to death. It is estimated that it took ninety tons of force to remove the “sealed” stone, and the sheared metal spikes can yet be seen embedded into the garden tomb today.

After purchasing the spices and oils on Friday, April 30th, the women spent the remainder of the day preparing them, and rested on the Sabbath, May 1st.  Early Sunday morning, when Mary Magdalene saw and wanted to touch Jesus, He said “Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father”.  On Saturday evening, after sunset, the twenty-four graves that were “marked” late in the afternoon on Wednesday, were exited by those who had been resurrected from the dead.  They walked into Jerusalem and were seen by many (Matt 27:51-53).  They were the First Fruits offering that Yeshua took to Heaven to present to Himself, later Sunday morning, after Yeshua had spoken to Mary Magdalene.  Jesus could not be touched until after He had fulfilled the First Fruits Offering.

In the next chapter, the connection of Mt. Sinai, Pentecost, and the Day of Trumpets.

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