Published On: Sun, Feb 24th, 2019

What Equipment Do Freelancers Need?

Freelancing is a growing trend in todays ever-more connected world. Especially prevalent amongst those in the younger generation searching for new lifestyles around which to build their talents, their careers and their financial stability, its a method of earning money that doesnt require you to head into an office every weekday from 9 until 5. You may well be surprised how little you need to get your freelance career up and running – but there are some absolutely essential items – and some role-specific ones – which youll need to secure before you start accepting jobs. Theyre enlarged upon in the points below.

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Computing Power

The hub of your freelancing operation is your computer or, more likely, your laptop. Its through this that you compile and create your work, accept jobs, correspond with clients, and manage your workload. Its absolutely imperative that youve found and maintained a laptop you can trust to be your workhorse companion wherever you are – and that it can handle all of the use youre going to be asking of it.

Its due to the centrality of your laptop in freelance roles that you should choose it wisely. You can find laptops using Choosist, where theyre compared by value, specifications and other variables. Different freelance roles require different investments, but in general, youre looking for something durable and reliable, with the portability you need and the battery power thatll keep you up and running for hours at a time.


Whether you choose to do your accounting online, through software or in a physical ledger book is up to you, but another important aspect to a freelancers life that they best get on top of before they get busy with multiple orders at once is the accounting side. Youre going to have to check your balance sheets, attribute costs, and eventually present your earnings to the tax man for evaluation. Failing to do so can result in heavy financial penalties.

So, whether you download an Excel spreadsheet template and work through that, or you buy an accounting book that you fill in and keep on your desk after each completed job, its important that you keep up to date with your accounting. Many freelancers choose to order their invoices and receipts in a physical folder as well as digitally – this provides a back-up as well as a copy you can physically inspect to check against your finances.

Charge and Connectivity

Freelancers frequently work on the move and find themselves in situations that require constant charge on their laptops and smartphones. Thats as well as any other electronic equipment they might ordinarily use, such as dictaphones, microphones, or cameras.

So, what youre going to need are those pieces of equipment that help you stay connected and charged throughout your travels. A portable charging unit, for example, will save you from frantic rushes to find chargers in the months to come.

The above really is all youll need to begin your career as a freelancer – so pick up the equipment, sign off on your first projects, and get earning from the comfort of your own laptop.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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