Published On: Sat, Apr 14th, 2018

What Does Your Car Say About Your Political Views?

Did you know that the car you drive may tell people what your political views are? This is not the case because you have bumper-stickers plastered all over, either. Your vehicle says a lot about you, and so does the way you drive. You don’t want to create a new stereotype in politics by driving recklessly. Taking a traffic school Florida course can improve your driving skills and possibly make your Presidential candidate stand out positively! Improv traffic school can help you acquire the skills you need to keep your reputation safe.

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What’s Your Party of Choice?

Studies have been done on vehicle type and politics for a variety of reasons. From marketing research to census-type information, this type study is used over and again.  It seems to ring true to other data collected about the vehicle owners and their beliefs as well. Most results seemed to show that choices were made due to function over finances, much different than deciding the best places to live in Florida. All parties appeared to have choices in all categories with independents being the most frugal as shown below:


Democrats. Democrats tend to be diverse in their choices, but a typical choice was green and energy-efficient vehicles.

Independent. Independents want their vehicles to be dependable, practical, utilitarian, functional, and sensible.

Republican. Republicans seem to want something durable, robust, tough, powerful, and distinguished. They tend to choose bigger pick-up trucks and American brand cars.

Other. Those who don’t identify with politics were also diverse but tend to stick with pick-up trucks and more regular size sedans.

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Are Demographics Involved?

Government agencies, marketing strategists, and political scientists all do extreme amounts of research in these areas. They may all have different reasons for doing so, but their research combined produces the same results regularly. Vehicle choices can often determine Demographics.

These choices can usually tell accurate information about race, education level, and income ranges. Many people have warned that using this system isn’t fool-proof and could lead to some inaccurate and stereotypical outcomes. These studies must be done with care and wisdom. Algorithms have even been invented to identify every type of car made and sold in the US since 1990 by make, model, and brand.

Politics and the Driver’s Seat

Studies show that there is a sharp divide in political party opinion around autonomous driving. A more significant number of Democrats said they would support the release of autonomous vehicles.  Republicans were primarily unsupportive of this idea. They were not against it, but many didn’t appreciate the idea of giving up the driver’s control of the car.

Also, very few Republicans were certain that autonomous vehicles would make the roads safer. Democrats tended to think the exact opposite. They were more likely to push the idea forward rather than shy away. While there may be a divide in the concept of the safety of autonomous vehicles, there is no divide in believing that learning defensive driving will make roads safer. Taking a defensive driving course can significantly improve the impact you have on the road and your reputation as an outstanding driver.

Author: Anwar Hossain

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